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Guildford Fencing Pictures 2004/2005

These are pictures of fencers from Guildford Femcing Club in the 2004/2005 season, originally posted as "picture of the week". Click on a picture for a larger image!

pictureoftheweek01.jpg Aaaron and Chris, with medals from the last 8 at Essex.
pictureoftheweek02.jpg Saman and Chris at the Hamlet
pictureoftheweek03.jpg Niki refereeing at the Essex Open
pictureoftheweek04.jpg Antoine (R) at the Bristol Open
pictureoftheweek05.jpg Chris at the Manchester Cadet
pictureoftheweek06.jpg Niki fencing at the Leicester Open
pictureoftheweek07.jpg Saman and Berna at the club
pictureoftheweek08.jpg Andrew McNeill, getting first place at the Surrey age-groups
pictureoftheweek09.jpg Chris and Phil, getting ready for the Club Foil competition
pictureoftheweek10.jpg Aaron fencing with Steve looking on. We don't now know where this is!
pictureoftheweek11.jpg Jenna, Alice and Rebecca, who all won medals at the Leon Paul competition
pictureoftheweek12.jpg Neale, Steve, Phil and Kirstie, with the trophy after winning the Barwell Cup team competition.
pictureoftheweek13.jpg Niki being presented with her medal by Paul Romang
pictureoftheweek14.jpg Aaron and Steve receiving medals at the SE REgion Sabre
pictureoftheweek15.jpg The winning team at the Copenhagen Sabre Coupe du Nord. Aaron is second from right.
pictureoftheweek16.jpg Steve presenting a medal to Vilya. Or is it the other way round?
pictureoftheweek17.jpg Aaron, Chris and Steve after winning the Surrey Sabre competition.
pictureoftheweek18.jpg Andrew McNeill, winning the club epee competition
pictureoftheweek19.jpg Alec, Niki and Vilya with trophies after the Surrey Novices and Intermediates competition
pictureoftheweek20.jpg Steve Pope, winning the Wimbledon Invitation Sabre
pictureoftheweek21.jpg Alec and Simon, fencing at the Wimbledon Invitation Challenge Cup
pictureoftheweek22.jpg Meg, Chris and Tim - Team Schofield- the runners-up in the Crystal Open
pictureoftheweek23.jpg Neale Thomas fencing in the Veteran's European competition, in Austria
pictureoftheweek24.jpg Tim Schofield fencing in the Veteran's European competition
pictureoftheweek25.jpg Kirstie came third in the IOW Open Epee, and Julie came third in the plate
pictureoftheweek26.jpg Details unknown - info please?
pictureoftheweek27.jpg Tim, fencing Jes Smith at the Veterans championships
pictureoftheweek28.jpg Simon, refereeing at the club foil
pictureoftheweek29.jpg Niki after winning her medal at the Coupe du Nord competition in Rikjavik
pictureoftheweek30.jpg Chris fencing at the Coupe du Nord in Gateshead
pictureoftheweek31.jpg Filming for the BBC
pictureoftheweek32.jpg Filming for the BBC
pictureoftheweek32a.jpg Tonya's new recruit to fencing...
pictureoftheweek33.jpg Kirstie fencing at the Coupe du Nord in Gateshead
pictureoftheweek34.jpg GFC Womens' Sabre Team at the Nationals

Except where stated, these images are copyright 2004/2005 by Tim and Julie Schofield.

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