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Guildford Fencing Pictures 2004/2005

These are pictures of fencers from Guildford Femcing Club in the 2004-2005 season. Click on a picture for a larger image!

December 2004

These shots are from the Whitgift Leon Paul Epee, held on Saturday 11th December at the Arena Sports Centre, Kingston. Thanks (and copyright) to Neale Thomas for these pictures, taken with a Fuji S7000 using flash.

Picture Rebecca, first in the U13 Girls
Picture Jenna, 3rd in the U15 Girls
Picture Jenna, Alice and Rebecca
Picture Richard, 3rd in the U13 Boys

The following day the Barwell Cup was held in Beverley School, New Malden. These shots were taken with our Fuji S602Z.

Picture Julie, as match secretary, accepts the trophy for winning team from Sue Groves. It appears that this is the first time Guildford has won in the 52 years of the Barwell's history!
Picture Chris accepts the plaque for first place in the Sabre from Sue Groves. Chris had the same number of victories as Steve and Murray but won a three-way barrage for first place. (The team result was decided on count of victories, not on positions, so fortunately it didn't matter that Chris was in the "B" team!)
Picture The winning team, Neale Thomas (L), Steve Pope, Phil Fenn and Kirsty Macdonald. Neale is holding the plaque for first place in the individual épee
Picture Guildford B team: Niki Lewis (L), Simon Pearson, Chris Schofield, Vilya Harvey

Science Museum

The club was invited to participate in the science museum exhibition "The Science of Sport" for a second time. It was very exciting with the raised piste and excited spectators. Truro came the same day, so we could tell the spectators they were watching Surrey versus Cornwall.

Click here Steve Pope (R)
Click here Chris Schofield (L), with Steve Pope refereeing
Click here Aaron Lewis (R)

Hamlet and Essex Weekend

The Hamlet and Essex open competitions were held on the same weekend.

Click here Steve Pope at the Hamlet. The bouncy castle for the children's party (which arrived well before we were ready) is in the background.
Click here Click here Aaron and Daniel at the Essex
Click here Click here Click here Chris at the Essex. Three pictures - well, he is my son...
Click here Aaron and Chris with their trophies, for 5th and 7th place in the Essex open- excellent results for an open!

Bristol Open

Click here Antoine Ubaghs (R), attempting his first major open
Click here Neale Thomas (R), rather more familiar with open competition
Click here Tim Schofield, also familiar but unfortunately not so successful this time

Bolton Cadet Competition

Click here Chris Schofield in the last 16 of the Bolton Cadet sabre.

Except where stated, these images are copyright 2004 by Tim and Julie Schofield.

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