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Guildford Fencing Club - About the Club

Welcome to the sport of Fencing! This unique and increasingly popular activity is enjoyed by people of all ages, and is an excellent method of keeping fit.

Previous experience of Fencing is not necessary, we welcome absolute beginners and run regular introductory courses - see http://www.guildfordfencing.co.uk/beginnerscourses.php for details.

Coaching is provided in one of the sports halls of St Peter's School in Merrow, Guildford. All equipment is provided for beginners. Showers and changing facilities are available. Parents please note: the club does not supervise these.

Our classes run on a Friday evening in term time; see details of dates, times and fees.

Experienced adult or teen fencers may just turn up, but beginners and juniors should check with the Treasurer first.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Junior Club

Boys and Girls from 9-13 years old - sometimes 8 years, with the approval of the coach.

A structured programme of activity, dividing the evening into fencing tuition, fencing games, general games and free fencing periods. The course is designed to progress the student to gain recognised achievement awards from the BFA (British Fencing Association), and to participate in both club and local competitions. Sportsmanship and self discipline are emphasised. Several sets of Electric Scoring equipment are available for use by the Junior Club.

New members will start fencing with the Foil, but will be able to try the Épée and Sabre at a later stage.

Student/Youth Members

We offer a programme of activity in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with a mix of class coaching and (at no extra charge) one-to-one instruction. Class activities include group coaching lessions, fencing games and free fencing. New members will start fencing with the Épée, and will be able to try both the Foil and the Sabre at a later stage: the club has coaches and fencers with experience at all three weapons.

Training at the club is appropriate for teenagers who wish to start entering local and national age-group competitions, and many of our members do so.
Of course, one night's training a week is not sufficient for serious competition, and training at Guildford would be part of a programme that included training at school or at another club on a different evening.

Students may start with a beginner's course: click the link on the left for details.

Adult Members

We welcome adult members, both beginners or experienced fencers. Founded in 1949, Guildford Fencing Club is one of the oldest clubs in England, with a strong history of adult fencing. We have six sets of electric scoring equipment, including two recently-purchased electric scoring boxes for all three weapons , and four sets of Electric Sabre Kit with funds donated by Guildford Sports Council. Coaching, and the use of non electric club kit, is included with membership; electric kit is available for hire.

Casual Fencers (non members)

Fencers who normally train at other clubs are welcome to visit us as casual members.

A Social Activity

For those of age, the evening is usually wound up with a visit to a nearby pub.  Sadly, the Horse and Groom is closing down but other options are being investigated...


The Club is affiliated to the British Fencing Association, Surrey County Fencing Union, Surrey Youth and Adult Education Service and Sport Guildford. The Club takes an active part in promoting fencing in Surrey through the Sport for All days, as well as entering County and Section Competitions.


Fencing is one of the safer sports, providing fencers observe the rules. The coaches will make every effort to ensure that beginners, students and casual fencers are taught and observe the rules of fencing. However, fencing is a combat sport, and you fence at your own risk. The Club will not be held responsible for any accidents or injury.

The club requires that everyone fencing wears clothing in accordance with British Fencing safety guidelines.

  • For most fencers, this means at least a CEN2 rated (800 Newton) plastron, a CEN1 rated jacket, mask and breeches, with socks and a glove
  • For beginners and for those at the 6:30 junior session, this is relaxed to a CEN1 rated plastron, jacket and mask, with strong trousers and a glove.

The club has some CEN1 rated jackets, which should only be worn by beginners.  To make them recognisable, we have dyed them pink.

Swordpricefighters kit

British Fencing have issued a statement that clothing from Swordpricefighters may not be used in British Fencing competitions while enquiries are made.  This follows claims by another manufacturer that clothing samples failed the CE-mark safety tests. 

The British Fencing statement can be read at http://www.britishfencing.com/news/latest-news/?n=299.  Any of our fencers who have bought this kit may prefer to borrow club jackets or plastrons during training sessions until there is more clarity as to whether there really is an issue.

Financially assisted by Guildford Borough

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