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GFC Club Results 2006-2007

This page gives the entry forms and results for fencers from Guildford Fencing Club for the fencing year 2006/2007. For results from other years, click here.

Adult Club Competitions are open to all fully paid up Club Members who are over 13 at the start of the relevant term.

Master at Arms (the trophy for Best Overall fencer) - 2005/6 Steve Pope

After the Club Epée we have a tie for first place between Dan Daly and John Kidd.  They have agreed to a match to decide the Master at Arms.  This will take place on the last night of the season, 6th July and will involve all three weapons.

Results after Club Epée can be found here

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Club Intermediate Foil  2006/7 - not held

Club Foil - Hector Ketley/Emily Harris

17th and 24th November - entry limited to maximum of 18.  

Check in 7.45 - 8 to 10 p.m.

17th November

1st    Hector Ketley
2nd    Neale Thomas
= 3rd    Simon Pearson
= 3rd    John Kidd
5th    Dan Daly
6th    Harry Ketley
7th    Steve Pope
8th    Gaurav Gupta
9th    Christopher Weeks
10th    Tim Schofield
11th    Emily Harris
12th    Matthew Epplett
13th    Rakash Gupta
14th    Chandni Gupta
15th    Jake Barker
16th    Ralph Barker
17th    Richard Hall

1st    Emily Harris
2nd    Chandni Gupta

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Club One Hit Epée - Paul Enticknapp


1.        Paul Enticknap          8 victories
2.        David Hydes               7 victories (after barrage)
3.        Matthew Epplett          7 victores
4.        John Kidd                   6 victories
=5.      Dan Daly                    5 victories
           Gaurav Gupta             
            Richard Hall              
            Ian Reekie                
            Tim Schofield           
10.        Julie Schofield            2 victories (highest placed lady)
=11.      Chandni Gupta           1 victory
             Rakash Gupta             1 victory

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Club Intermediate Sabre - 2005/6 - not held

Club Sabre - Dan Daly

A smaller event than in recent years, eight fencers took part and the competition was fenced in a poule unique.  Winner was Dan Daly who won all but one of his fights, losing 4 hits to 5 to Rachel Lewis. 

  1. Dan Daly
  2. Dan Brooks
  3. Rachel Lewis
  4. Simon Pearson
  5. Chris Mitchell
  6. Richard Hall
  7. Rakash Gupta
  8. Ben Haddon
The result of the poule unique can be found here 

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Club Intermediate Epée - Not held in 2007  

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Club Epée - 2nd March, 2007

Winner - Tim Schofield

After an exciting barrage against Matthew Epplett, Tim reversed the result in the poule, winning 5 hits to 4.  John Kidd was third.

Full results can be found here

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Novice Foil - 23rd March, 2007

Winner - 2006/7 Rakash Gupta

For photos of this event see the pictures page.

Nine entrants this year, including 4 of the present beginners course.  

Especial congratulations to David and Daniel who have only been fencing since January.

1,     Rakash Gupta
2.     Rebecca Thomas - Ladies Gold Medal
=3.   David Calvert
=3.   Daniel Venturini
5.     Wai-Shun Lau
6.     Chandni Gupta - Ladies Silver Medal
7.      Karel Jacobs
8.      Laura Nailor
9.      Patsy Pitwell

Results of poules Please click here

Seedings after poules Please click here

Final Tableau Please click here

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Club Handicap Foil 

This took place on the 8th June and 15th June. Twenty one fencers confirmed entry.  The Competition consisted of three poules of seven fencers. The top twelve fencers were promoted to the next round.  In the second round there were two poules of six fencers with the top six fencers promoted to a final poule.   The preliminary round and half the second round were fenced on the 8th with the second round completed on the 15th followed by the final round.   

Congratulations to Gaurav Gupta who won

  1. Gaurav Gupta
  2. John Kidd
  3. Kirsty Macdonald (also highest placed lady)
  4. Matthew Epplett
  5. Andrew McNeil
  6. Dan Daly
For more details of results please click here

That completes the Club Competitions for this year except for the Bowden Cup Team Competition and the Master of Arms final between Dan Daly and John Kidd on the 6th July.

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