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Guildford Fencing Club - Covid 19 Safety Protocols

Please do the following until we return to normal fencing. We must follow British Fencing's National and Venue guidance.

If anyone has a question or a concern about these rules, please discuss it in the first instance with the Club's Covid safety officer, Dominin Franchi. His e-mail address is .

For all fencers

  1. Sessions are currently only available to fencers who have their own equipment (clothing, masks etc.), although the club weapons can be borrowed.  We hope to set up a scheme to allow kit to be borrowed very soon.
  2. Book before the fencing evening using Google Docs (details below).
  3. Pay online (details below)
  4. Obviously, don't come if Covid rules require you isolate  - please cancel using Google Docs if you can
  5. You must stay near the piste allocated to your group of six, and so may only fence other members within the group of six.
  6. Maintain social distance of 1m if you are wearing a face covering, 2m with no face-covering.
  7. Bring your own sanitizer and water. 
  8. Upon entering the hall sanitize your hands. Also sanitize if you help to put away club equipment.
  9. If using a club weapon sanitize your hands. No other club equipment can currently be used.
  10. Pistes will be at least 2m apart.  
  11. As modifications to the rules of fencing:
    • Corps a corps, deliberate close quarter actions and any actions that breach the 1m distancing are not permitted.
    • Fleching/running attacks are not permitted.
    • After bouts do not shake hands (just perform the usual weapon salute).
  12. Experimental: The center of the piste will have a divider 1 m wide. The fencers are on different sides of the divider.  A fencer encroaching on the divider halts the action in the same way as leaving the piste.
  13. While fencing you must wear a face-covering under your fencing mask. (Fencers may want to buy cycling face-covers as they allow freer breathing and do not steam up glasses)`.
  14. Do not use: changing rooms or water fountains. (If possible, arrive already wearing fencing breeches).
  15. If you develop symptoms of Covid 19 after attending, please inform the club as soon as possible. The club email address is guildfordfencingclub@outlook.com
  16. No parents or spectators can be allowed in the sports hall.

Fencers participate at their own risk. Details of attendance will be held in accordance with the club's Data Processing Statement, and may be supplied to government test-and-trace organisations.

For group leaders (not applicable to U18-only sessions)

Leaders of a group (a group is a "bubble" of 6 fencers) are committee members or other adult fencers appointed by the committee.  They are responsible for the following.

  1. Set up a group area containing a piste, at least 2m away from other group areas.
  2. Experimental: Mark the center of the piste with two marks 1m apart (tape or weapons). Remind members of the group not to cross the 1m marks and interrupt fencing if an accidentally crossed.
  3. Return club equipment.
  4. After fencing, update Google Docs if members of the group has changed.

Google Docs Booking System

Please book online - the booking list is held in Google docs.  Please allow at least 48 hours to get your access set up - after that, you can book up to the last minute (if there's room).

  1. You need a free Google account to use the system - you can use an existing Gmail or Android account, or set up a new one by visiting https://accounts.google.com/
    Note: if you have an existing account but don't want to share your e-mail address with other fencers, you may prefer to create a new account or an alias. (You can set gmail up to autoforward email to your usual account - click the gearwheel icon at the top right and then "see all settings")
  2. Request access to the GFC Booking Folder.  Simply e-mail me a message at tim@foxtree.co.uk, giving me your name, your Google account username, your mobile number (and a preferred e-mail address if it's different from the Google one). 
    Note: The rationale for this is that GFC would use the e-mail and/or mobile number in case a session has to be cancelled at short notice, but appreciate that you don't necessarily wish to share them with everybody.
  3. When you are notified you have access, you can find the booking folder here.  You only need a web browser, and a mobile phone should work although a desktop or laptop is easier. You should see a list of "Recent Documents", with a booking form for each week looking a bit like this: example_booking.docx
  4. Open the form for the week you want to book and check if any groups have space left. 
  5. This operates on the honour system. Please don't change the form or other peoples' entries, just add your own entry to the group you'd like to join.  There are some notes in the form to help you.
  6. If there's no space, please enter your name on the waiting list. 
  7. Normally that's all done. we look forward to seeing you! 

  8. If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible - return to the document and replace your name by the word "Cancelled".    Please e-mail anyone on the waiting list who is fencing the same weapon, to let them know.
  9. There are some circumstances where the club might have to cancel, for example: covid, snow, insufficient numbers.  We will use e-mail if there is more than 24 hours notice, and will try to send an SMS message as well if there is less. 
The system is offered in good faith but is subject to change. The club cannot accept liability for consequential losses however caused.


Please pay online, but not until the day (it's complicated and may take a while for the Treasurer to credit/ refund your fee in case of cancellation!).

At present the payment method is by online bank transfer to the club's account. Most current accounts offer this service. It's convenient for most members, there are no fees for the club and usually not for members either.

Please transfer the sum of £15 per person per session to:
Account Name: Guildford Fencing Club
Account No: 63579413. 
Branch Sort Code:56-00-18
Reference: please use the fencer's name as the reference

Page originally written by Dom Franchi and converted to HTML and maintained by Tim Schofield - tim@foxtree.co.uk - using SeaMonkey Composer, 

Information will be kept up to date as far as possible given the technical resources available; last updated 7 December 2020

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