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Guildford Fencing Club - Covid 19 Safety Protocols

In line with national policy, these guidelines are now advisory. But since Covid has not gone away, please consider continuing with simple measures where they might make some difference:

  1. Please do not come to the club if you have symptoms that might be Covid!   The NHS advises you should avoid contact with other people for at least 5 days after symptoms start (or after a positive test) - see this NHS link for more details.

  2. Consider wearing a face covering while moving about the building if you are not a fencer or a coach - in particular, if you are a parent bringing your child. A face-covering while exercising is not required (and not recommended).

  3. If possible, arrive already wearing fencing breeches, so that you do not need to use the changing room.

  4. Please help the club continue to sanitise masks that might be re-used between sessions.  

  5. There is no need to shake hands after a bout.

  6. We know that infection rates in different age groups go up and down at different times, so it is potentially useful to try and avoid mixing between groups during the change-over at 8PM, when younger fencers leave and older fencers arrive.

If anyone has a question or a concern about these rules, please discuss it in the first instance with the Club's Covid safety officer, Dominic Franchi. His e-mail address is .

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