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Guildford Fencing Club - Membership Fees

Fees for summer term 2021

Fees are the club's main source of income.  Since most of the club's costs are fixed (in fact the hall hire has risen somewhat above inflation this season, although the coaches have generously agreed some cost-cutting), it means that if membership goes down then fees must rise to compensate.  Please help us to recruit more members and fees will go down - the club is non-profit-making!

Except for the learn-to-fence courses, fees of £15 per night are payable as described in covid.php.

However, we need an enrolmnet form with current details.  Please print the enrolment form and post it or scan and e-mail it (information you type into the form will be lost unless you save it on your own computer). 

The address for enrolment is on the form: if you cannot print it, please contact John to request a paper copy.

Learn-to-fence Courses
Option for adult/teen beginners: payment for first night taster session
Total for whole course - including cost of breeches
Click for details and enrolment forms: adults , FTEand under-13s

We recommend you join the British Fencing Association: membership is required for many external competitions, and benefits include insurance when fencing and notification of competition dates.

Equipment Hire Costs

Electric and Non-electric equipment: £1 per item per week. Equipment is free on club evenings and when invited by the Match Secretary to fence for the Club. Members are encouraged to start buying their own after the first year. See Richard Hall for details of special offers and Julie Schofield for any second hand clothing available to sell/buy.
Electric box etc: Free - for this season

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