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Guildford Fencing Club - Social Media and Photography Policy

More and more people are choosing to take videos and photos of themselves or their children in fencing environments.

It is important to remember that if you are planning to share photographs or videos publicly (which includes social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram), consent must be sought from identifiable individuals.

If you are a parent taking photos or videos of your own child, you should not share these on social media unless you have the consent of the other identifiable children in the photo. If you want to use a photo on social media that someone else has published you should make sure that you have the relevant permissions to do so – both from the person that took the photo, but also any identifiable minors. If the fencer is under the age of 18 then please seek permission from their parent or responsible adult before the photo is shared. If you are not able to obtain permission, do not share the photo.

Even where people do give consent to their image being used, care and sensitivity should be used by everyone when choosing which images to share on social media.

Care should be taken to ensure the image is one that would not cause any distress or embarrassment. When live streaming or videoing fights it is strongly recommended to pan away from any injury treatment, visible distress or any required clothing changes.

If you are contacted by someone asking for their image to be removed from something you have posted you should typically action this as quickly as possible.

Participants (or their parents if U18) concerned about image usage should read the terms and conditions of any club membership and competition carefully. If there is a safeguarding reason why an image of a child (or adult at risk) cannot be shared in the ways described, the event or club welfare officer should be contacted to discuss whether arrangements can be put in place to protect the person.

Finally, as a reminder, if the use of your image causes you distress you should (where possible) ask the person who has posted it to remove it, and if they do not, report it to the Safeguarding and Welfare Officer, Teri Fleetwood, e-mail protected

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Information may not always be up-to-date; last updated 27th October 2023

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