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Tim Schofield - Phil Fenn - Steve Pope - Les Smith.

Links to other fencing sites

Other fencing clubs in Britain -

British Fencing Association (aka the AFA). The UK and England association for all amateur fencers. Phone (in the UK) 020 8742 3032, or write to:1 Barons Gate, 33-35 Rothschild Road, London W4 5HT. This is the site to browse if you want to find a club in your area. It also includes a list of clubs, a calendar of UK open competitions, and a UK ranking list.

The FIE. The governing body for world fencing. For some reason the designer of this new site requires you to have a Javascript-enabled browser. The site includes a calendar of international competitions, and a copy of the FIE rules. It helps if you can read French.

A translation of the rules into English. This is an up-to-date version as of 2011.

Surrey County Fencing Union. Surrey are active in organising local competitions. These pages have a calendar of SCFU competitions and other local events.

European Fencing Confederation - This site hosts internet broadcasts of top competitions in Europe.

Premier Series (sponsored by Blades and Rome) and Leon Paul Junior Series - two excellent series of competitions for younger fencers.

The Fencing Forum - an active discussion group for UK clubs.

The fencing FAQ - unfortunatly no longer up to date.

Randall's World - advice, links, and pictures (including one we use for publicity - thanks Randall!)

Drug Information Database (no longer UK-Government supported) a way to check whether you need to apply for an exemption for your medicine- I found I did!

www.britishsports.com - links to other sports than fencing; this list, unlike some others, is somewhat kept up to date!.

Suppliers of Fencing Kit in the UK

Here are some web sites, which give an idea of what is available and what you might pay. Don't assume the cheapest price is always the best value for you, though. I would advise trying kit on before you buy - fencing kit is cut differently to high-street clothes! Note that some of the club coaches can arrange to bring kit to the club on request.

PBT UK - based near Guildford.  Talk to Ian (one of our coaches) if you want kit from PBT, as he will be able to save you postage costs - he may even have what you want in his van outside the club!

Allstar-Uhlmann in Laleham (near Staines), the closest shop to Guildford

Leon Paul in London (old-established, but take a street-map to find it!)

Blades Brand UK - good value equipment, now sold from the same address as Allstar-Uhlmann in Laleham

Sword Price Fighters - internet only with keen prices, but note: British Fencing issued a statement on 6th May 2011 that clothing from Swordpricefighters may not be used in British Fencing competitions while enquiries are made.  This follows claims by another manufacturer that clothing samples failed the CE-mark safety tests.  The British Fencing statement can be read at http://www.britishfencing.com/news/notices/?n=299.  Any of our fencers who have bought this kit may prefer to borrow club jackets or plastrons during training sessions until there is more clarity as to whether there really is an issue.

Duellist in Isleworth.  Note: there is a recall on some clothing sold between about 2005 and 2011.  See http://www.duellistfencing.com/news-1.html for details of how to identify kit being recalled.

Battling foam sabres and similar, in Pembrokeshire

Links about the Guildford Area

St Peters School. We have no connection with the school apart from hire of premises. You can download the OFSTED report.

A list of sports contacts in Guildford.

A list of sports contacts from Surrey County Council; there is a rather longer unofficial list of sports websites in Surrey.

The Adult Education Service, part of Surrey County Council.

Hampshire County Council has a site, Hantsweb, that sadly has seen better days.

The Knowhere Guide to Guildford, some local knowledge of mixed pedigree.

The Surrey Advertiser, our local paper.

With thanks to the world of the Internet

Easily.co.uk - our domain name and web site provider.

Virgin - (formerly NTL) our domestic Internet Service Provider.

Content Rating - this site is labelled with the Internet Content Rating Association, the successor to RSAC, which helps people avoid offensive content on the Internet.

SmoothHound, when you need a good cheap hotel near a competition.

Link Valet at webthing.com, a free service to find bad links on webpages.

Recommended Search Engines

These search engines are fast and comprehensive - and they find Guildford Fencing Club!

Google, Microsoft and Ask - all fast and up to date. Google has also taken over the old DejaNews archive, and runs it very efficiently.

Exalead, smaller database but offers thumbnails of pages found.

Open Directory Project - the best index.

We moved our website in 2002 and - as happened two years previously - the search engines took weeks to catch up. Honourable exceptions were Google and NTL, which updated within 24 hours!

Financially assisted by Guildford Borough

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