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Guildford Fencing Newsletters

In earlier years the Club produced newsletters - we may again, if a volunteer comes forward to edit them! You can download these archived versions from this page, to view or print. Of course, the contact details and prices will generally be out-of-date. Click to download.

Click here for issue 11, February 2004 Download Newsletter

Issue 10, July 2003Download Issue 10 - Issue 9, April 2003.Download Issue 9
Article by Ian Sander on Surrey Foil Competition - Issue 8, January 2003.Download Issue 8
Issue 7, August 2002.Download Issue 7 - Issue 6, April 2002.Download Issue 6
Issue 5, December 2001.Download Issue 5 - Issue 4, August 2001.Download Issue 4
Issue 3, August 2000Download Issue 3 - Issue 2, April 2000Download Issue 2
Issue 1, January 2000Download Issue 1

The newsletter is in PDF format, and you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Acrobat Reader is also included on many cover disks and with other programs, so you may already have it installed. If not you can download it (free) from this link. Acrobat Site

I use PDF because it keeps the newsletter in the same layout as the paper copy, it's relatively standard, and it doesn't offer facilities to help virus writers. Actually I use Ghostscript 7.0 and Ghostview 4.0, not Acrobat, to create the PDF files. Acrobat (the full version) is attractive, but Ghostscript is free. You can download Ghostscript and Ghostview from links at this site. Ghostscript Site

Newsletters issues 1-9 © 2000-2003 by Julie Schofield. Newsletters issues 9-10 © 2003 by Tim Harris. Newsletters from issue 11 © 2004 by Antoine Ubaghs.

Permission is granted to reproduce, provided (i) no profit is made, (ii) the entire document is reproduced and (iii) this notice is attached.

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