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Guildford Fencing Pictures 2002

These pictures are scanned from shots taken in the Cricket Centre. They were mostly shot without flash under the centre's mercury-type lights, and have had to be heavily processed to correct for a severe colour cast; apologies for the variable success of this operation.

The Club Novice Foil

These pictures are from the GFC Novice Foil competition held in June 2002.

Click here Phil and Ian fencing, refereed by David Hydes.
Click here Ian is the fencer in the foreground. The fight behind is between Tim and Julien, refereed by Simon Pearson.
Click here Chris and Tim, demonstrating the off-target hit.
Click here Ian and Tim.
Click here The winners: Julien (2nd), Chris (1st), Ian (3rd)

Pictures of the Club Junior Sabre, June 2002

The GFC Junior Sabre Competition was held between members of the club in June 2002. These pictures show the competition and some sabre training with Clive Galliano

Click here Ben and Matthew Walker, with Clive refereeing.
Click here Matthew Walker receiving his medal (3rd place)
Click here Alex Cross receiving his medal (2nd place).
Click here Chris Schofield receiving his medal (1st place).
Click here Chris and Alex practising.

Pictures of the Junior Club

Only one picture of the juniors this year. Due to a shortage of photography, not a shortage of juniors!

Click here Glove practise - pin the glove to the wall! (Tim Schofield took over coaching for the last week while Trevor was on holiday)

Pictures of the Competition against the Royal Navy, June 2002

An epee competition held in the summer of 2002. GFC had six fencers, so we fought the RN team twice - once our A team and once our B team. The A team won.

Click here Alec Johnson (L) demonstrating a long lunge.
Click here Alec Johnson (L) demonstrating a short sock.
Click here Phil Fenn (L) fencing.
Click here The winning team - Alec Johnson, Phil Fenn, Simon Pearson.
Click here The B team. David Hydes fencing (L)
Click here Tim Schofield fencing (R)
Click here Sometimes difficult to identify the fencers - is this me?

All these images are copyright 2002 by Tim and Julie Schofield.

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