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GFC Competition Results 2001/2002

This page gives the results for fencers from Guildford Fencing Club for the fencing year 2001/2002. For results from other years, click here.

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Individual Results

Cameron Cole Alex Cross James Frost
Edmund Hartland Basil Jennings Alec Johnson
Jake O'Connell Eugene Palmer Shaun Palmer
Charles Price Christopher Schofield Timothy Schofield
Stephanie Ties Stephanie Glover Chris Hider
Alice Merry Simon Pearson Steve Pope
Laurence Reucroft Ian Sander  

Cameron Cole (Junior)

Premier Junior Foil Series U9 - Overall Ranking 50th - Seeding into DE 30th

Alex Cross (Junior)

Surrey Boys U14 Sabre - 10th

James Frost (Junior)

SE Region U14 Boys Foil - 20th

Sir William Perkins Cup U14 Boys - 32nd

Premier Series, Esher U14 - 35th

Leon Paul, Eton U13 - 25th

Stephanie Glover (Junior)

Bristol Leon Paul - 6th

Premier Series U9, Esher - 5th

Edmund Hartland (Junior)

Surrey Boys U14 Foil - 6th

Premier Series, Eshesr U14 - 30th

Leon Paul, Eton, U13 - 30th

Chris Hider (Novice)

Isle of Wight Open, Foil - 58th

South East Foil - 26th

Surrey Novices Foil - 15th

Surrey Intermediates Foil - 10th

Basil Jennings (Junior)

Premier Junior Foil Series U9 - Overall Ranking 48th - Seeding into DE 29th

Alec Johnson (FTE)

Sir William Perkins Cup - U17 Men's Epee - Joint 3rd

Sir William Perkins Cup - U20 Men's Epee - 1st

South East Region U18 Junior Epee - 5th

British Age Group Epee (U18) - 20th

Alice Merry (Junior)

Premier Series, Esher U14 - 18th

Jake O'Connell (Junior)

Premier Junior Foil Series U12 - Overall Ranking 30th - Seeding into DE 10th

Eugene Palmer (Junior)

SE Region U12 Boys Foil - 12th

Sir William Perkins Cup U12 Boys Foil - 5th

Premier Junior Foil Series U11 - Overall Ranking 26th - Seeding into DE 12th

Shaun Palmer (Junior)

Sir William Perkins Cup Boys U10 Foil - 2nd

Premier Junior Foil Series U9 - Overall Ranking 32nd - Seeding into DE 13th

Simon Pearson (Veteran)

Surrey Epée - 12th

Steve Pope (Adult)

Norfolk Open, 8th

Surrey Sabre, 8th

Charles Price (Junior)

Surrey Boys U14 Foil - 8th

SE Region Boys U14 Foil - 17th

Premier Series, Esher U14 - 20th

Leon Paul, Eton U13 - 39th

Laurence Reucroft (Junior)

Leon Paul, Eton U13 - 46th

Ian Sander (Novice)

Isle of Wight Open, Foil - 56th

Christopher Schofield (Junior)

Surrey Boys U14 Sabre - Joint 3rd

Leon Paul JS Bath U13 Sabre - 16th

Leon Paul JS Bristol U15 Sabre - 7th

Leon Paul JS Coventry U15 Sabre - 6th

Premier Junior Foil Series U14 - Overall Ranking 33rd - Seeding into DE 17th

South-East Region U14 Sabre - Joint 3rd

Bristol Cadet Sabre - 24th

Stratford upon Avon Cadet Boys Sabre - 30th

British Age Group Sabre (U14) - 17th

Timothy Schofield (Veteran)

Leicester Open - Men's Epée Plate - 1st

Middlesex Veteran's - 2nd

National Veterans - 33rd

Redhill One Hit Epée - 21st

South-East Epee - 5th

Surrey Epée - 13th

Stephanie Ties (Junior)

Surrey Girls U12 Foil - 1st

SE Region U14 Girls Foil - 5th

Sir William Perkins Cup U14 Girls Foil - 6th

Club Competition Results 2001/2002

Club Teenage Sabre

Club U15 Boys Foil

Club U15 Girls Foil

Club U11 Boys Foil

Club U11 Girls Foil

Coach's Award

Club Novice Foil

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