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GFC Competition Results 2002-2003

This page gives the results for fencers from Guildford Fencing Club for the fencing year 2002/2003. For results from other years, click here.

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Individual Results

Alex Cross Libby Duke Nate Duke James Frost
Mylz Furlong-Walker Stephanie Glover Kate Hall Richard Hall
Jenna Hardy Tim Harris Edmund Hartland Vilya Harvey
Nicky Hayes David Hydes Basil Jennings Alec Johnson
Aaron Lewis Nikki Lewis Alice Merry Eugene Palmer
Shaun Palmer Andrew Parsonson Simon Pearson Steve Pope
Charles Price Ian Sander Christopher Schofield Tim Schofield
Ben Wyithe  


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Alex Cross (Cadet)

Ridley Martin Cup - Men's Sabre - 37th

Libby Duke (Cadet)

Surrey U14 Foil - 12th

Sir William Perkins U14 Foil - Last 16

Nate Duke (Musketeer)

Surrey U12 Foil - 15th

Sir William Perkins U12 Foil - last 16

James Frost (Cadet)

Sir William Perkins U14 Foil - Last 16

South East England U14 Foil - last 16

Mylz Furlong Walker (Musketeer)

Surrey U12 Foil - 13th

Stephanie Glover (Musketeer)

Epsom Premier Series U9 Girls Foil - 7th

Surrey U12 Foil - 6th

Kate Hall (Cadet)

South East England U14 - last 32

Richard Hall

Surrey Foil - 16th

Surrey Intermediate Foil - 6th

Jenna Hardy (Cadet)

Sir William Perkins U14 - last 8

Tim Harris (Novice)

Surrey Foil - 15th

Edmund Hartland (Cadet)

Surrey U14 Foil - 2nd

Sir William Perkins U14 Foil - last 8

Vilya Harvey (Novice)

Sussex Open Foil - 70th

Surrey Foil - 14th

Surrey Novice Foil - 2nd

Surrey Intermediate Foil - 5th

Isle of Wight Open Foil - 30th

Nicky Hayes

Surrey Foil - Ladies - 8th

David Hydes

Middlesex Veteran's Epee - 7th

Slough Open Epee - 69th

Sussex Open Epee - 17th

Miller Hallett Cup Epee - 46th

British National Championships Epee - 103rd

Basil Jennings

Surrey U12 Foil - 2nd

Sir William Perkins U12 Foil - last 8

South East England U12 Foil - last 32

Alec Johnson (Junior)

Whitgift Leon Paul - U17 Men's Epee - 3rd

National Junior Championships - Epee - 45th

Surrey U18 Epee - 3rd

Sir William Perkins U18 Epee - 2nd

Aaron Lewis

Norfolk Open Men's Sabre - 10th (fencing for Wimbledon)

Nikki Lewis

Surrey Foil - Ladies - 10th

Surrey Novice Foil - Ladies - 3rd

Surrey Intermediate Foil - Ladies - 2nd

Norfolk Open - Ladies Foil - 17th (fencing for Wimbledon)

Alice Merry (Cadet)

Sir William Perkins U14 Foil - last 8

South East England U14 Foil - last 16

Eugene Palmer (Cadet)

Sir William Perkins U14 Foil - last 8

Shaun Palmer (Musketeer)

Sir William Perkins U12 Foil - last 8

Andrew Parsonson

Surrey Foil - 17th

Simon Pearson (Veteran)

Isle of Wight - 2nd

Isle of Wight Open Epee - Winner of Veteran's Trophy

Steve Pope

Leicester Open Sabre - 54th

Welsh Open Sabre - 36th

South East England Sabre - 1st

Slough Open Sabre - 34th

Ridley Martin Cup - Sabre - 23rd

British National Championships Sabre - 70th

Charles Price (Cadet)

Epsom Premier Series U14 Boys Foil - last 16

Southern England U14 Foil - 5th

Surrey U14 Foil - 15th

Ian Sander (Novice)

Isle of Wight Open Epee - 49th

Redhill One Hit - Men's Epee - 23rd

Tim Schofield (Veteran)

Slough Open Epee - 48th

National Veterans Epee - 21st

Invicta Open - 63rd

County Quadrangular, fencing epee for Surrey - team won

Birmingham International Epee - 72nd

Isle of Wight Open Epee - 19th

Christopher Schofield (Cadet)

Hamlet Open Sabre - 75th

Essex Open Sabre - last 128

Bristol Open Sabre - 95th

Leon Paul Junior Series U15 Whitgift Sabre - 9th

Leicester Open Sabre - 88th

National Cadet Championships - Sabre - 14th

South-East England U16 Sabre - 9th

South East England Sabre - Last 8

Stratford Cadet Sabre - 25th

Slough Open Sabre - 32nd

County Quadrangular, fencing sabre for Surrey - team won

Birmingham International Sabre - 61st

Ridley Martin Cup - Men's Sabre - 28th

Bristol Cadet Sabre - 8th

Ben Wyithe (Musketeer)

Surrey U12 Foil - 8th

Sir William Perkins U12 Foil - last 8

Club Competition Results 2002/2003

Club Sabre

Ten fencers entered this year's Club Sabre competition (unfortunately with rather fewer sets of equipment). The competition was fenced as two pools of five, followed by a final pool of six, all finished in two hours. Many places were closely fought, with Vilya and Julian being equally placed on wins and indicators in the first round - promotion was on hits scored. We are very grateful to Derek Groves for visiting us and refereeing so many fights!

Results of the final pool:

Club Foil

It was rewarding to see a large entry of 17 fencers for this competition, fought in two rounds with the final being a large pool of 8 fencers split across two pistes. Despite the large entry of fencers who have recently started, the last bout, which decided the winners, was with the experienced fencers Simon and Tim (though Tim Harris did beat Tim Schofield in the first round).

Results of the final pool:

Junior Sabre

The Junior Sabre competition, held for the first time in March 2003, was open to fencers under 13 years old. As is common with sabre competitions, it was over rather quickly! Thanks to Chris and Aaron for refereeing.

Handicap Competition

The club handicap competition had the largest entry on record, 28 fencers. In consequence it was fenced over three weeks, with the finals on 6th December. Here are the results of the final pool, with the scores after application of handicap.

Congratulations to Simon, who had only just finished the 6-week course but nevertheless won three fights in this final pool. A special mention should go to Simon Pearson, who dropped only four hits in the entire competition but was handicapped so heavily he didn't even make it out of the first round!

Club Epee

The club epee competition had an entry of 11. It was fenced over two weeks with two pools and a final pool of 6. A high level of skill led to an exciting final.

Match v. Royal Navy

Following on from last year's successful epee competition, a team from the Royal Navy visited the Club on the 13th June. Guildford fielded two teams and the Royal Navy fenced each in turn. Guildford A started well building quickly to a 15-9 lead but the Royal Navy fought back and eventually took the match by 45 points to 42. Guildford B put up a gallant fight losing 23 points to 45

Teams were: Royal Navy: Dicky Barton, Andrew Thomas and Rubin Nash. Guildford A: Steve Pope, Aaron Lewis and Christopher Schofield. Guildford B: Derek Hydes, Simon Pearson and Alex Cross

Wimbledon Invitation

Team Result - 5th

Individual Results

Sabre: Chris Schofield - 2nd; Alex Cross - 7th

Epee: Simon Pearson - 6th; Tim Schofield - 9th

Foil - Men's: Phil Fenn - 8th; Chris Hider - 10th Women's: Nikki Lewis - 10th; Alice Merry - 12th


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