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GFC Competition Results 2003-2004

This page gives the results for fencers from Guildford Fencing Club for the fencing year 2003/2004. For results from other years, click here.

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Individual Results

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Daniel Brooks Tonya Cheatham Elizabeth Collier James Frost Stephanie Glover
Vilya Harvey Richard Hall Chris Hider David Hydes Basil Jennings
Aaron Lewis Nikki Lewis Kirsty Macdonald Andrew McNeil Simon Pearson
Steve Pope Chris Schofield Tim Schofield Gareth Thomas Neale Thomas
Antoine Ubaghs Christopher Weeks Simon Wood Thomas Woodcock


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Daniel Brooks (Junior) (fencing for Surrey University)

Slough Open Sabre - 37th

Hampshire Open Sabre - 19th (prov.)

Invita Open Sabre - 20th

International Birmingham Sabre - 86th

Ridley Martin Cup Sabre - 33rd

Norfolk Open Sabre - 9th

Norfolk Open Foil - 48th

Current Sabre Ranking 167

Current Foil Ranking 438

Tonya Cheatham (Novice)

Sussex Open Ladies Foil - 17th

Birmingham Open (BAF) - 13th

Hereford & Worcester Open Ladies Foil - 50th

Cambridge Winter Tournament Ladies Foil - 23rd

Slough Open Ladies Foil - 79th

Hampshire Open Foil - 33rd (prov.)

Surrey Novice Foil - Joint Third

Surrey Intermediate Foil - 8th

Norfolk Open Sabre - 6th

Current Foil Ranking 153

Current Sabre Ranking 106

Elizabeth Collier (Musketeer)

Eton Leon Paul U11 Girls - 19th

James Frost (Cadet)

Eton Leon Paul U15 Boys - 11th

Stephanie Glover (Musketeer) (Fencing for St. George's College)

Eton Leon Paul U11 Girls - 13th

Vilya Harvey (Novice)

Shropshire Open Foil - 39th

Sussex Open Foil - 52nd

Birmingham Open (BAF) - 19th

Cambridge Winter Tournament Mens Foil - 51st

Aldershot Open Foil - 60th

Hampshire Open Foil - 33rd (prov.)

Surrey Novices Foil - Runner Up

Surrey Novices Epee - Winner

Surrey Foil - 18th

Isle of Wight Open Foil - 40th

Isle of Wight Open Epee - 49th

Cambridge Open Air Epee - 10th

Norfolk Open Foil - 47th

Norfolk Open Epee - 29th

Current Epee Ranking 229

Current Foil Ranking 302

Richard Hall

Sussex Open Foil - 62nd

Cambridge Winter Tournament Mens Foil - 56th

Birmingham Open (BAF) - 31st

Hampshire Open Foil - 38th prov.

Plymouth Open Foil - 23rd prov.

Surrey Intermediate Epee - last 16

Surrey Foil - 23rd

Chris Hider (Novice)

Shropshire Open Foil - 33rd

Slough Open Foil - 95th

Hampshire Open Foil - 24th (prov.)

Current Foil Ranking 332

David Hydes (Veteran)

Sussex Open Epee - 26th

Cambridge Winter Tournament Mens Epee- 42nd

Aldershot Open Epee - 64th

Surrey Epee - 15th

Slough Open Epee - 57th

Nottingham Open Epee - 34th.

Veteran's Championships, Epee - 23rd

International Birmingham Epee - 117th

Current Epee Ranking 128

Basil Jennings (Musketeer)

Sir William Perkins U12 Boys Foil - 3rd

Aaron Lewis (Fencing for Wimbledon)

South East Sabre - 10th

Surrey Sabre - 6th (Fencing for Guildford)

Slough Open Sabre - 27th

Hampshire Open Sabre - 14th (prov.)

Invicta Open Sabre - 18th

International Birmingham Sabre - 59th

Ridley Martin Cup Sabre - 10th

Cole Cup (Coup de Nord) Sabre - 37th

Norfolk Open Sabre - 10th

Current Sabre Ranking 102

Nikki Lewis (Fencing for Wimbledon)

Slough Open Foil - 77th

Hampshire Open Foil - 28th (prov.)

Invicta Open Foil - 37th

Invicta Open Foil plate - 2nd

Surrey Intermediate Foil - Joint Third

Surrey Foil - 11th

Kirsty MacDonald

Isle of Wight Foil - 25th Isle of Wight Epee - 7th

Current Epee Ranking 73

Current Foil Ranking 84

Andrew McNeil (Cadet)

Surrey Novices Epee - Runner Up

Simon Pearson (Veteran)

Surrey Epee - 8th (prov.)

Isle of Wight Open Epee - 38th

Current Epee Ranking 360

Steve Pope

Hamlet Open Sabre - 40th

Essex Open Sabre - 13th

Shropshire Open Sabre - 2nd

Leicester Open Sabre - 42nd

Welsh Open Sabre - 36th

Hereford & Worcester Open Sabre - 7th

South East Sabre - 2nd

Corble Cup A Grade - Qualifying Event - 38th

Surrey Sabre - Winner

Slough Sabre - 13th

International Birmingham Sabre - 26th

Cole Cup (Coup de Nord) Sabre - 18th

British Nationals Sabre - 25th

Current Sabre Ranking 42

Christopher Schofield (Cadet)

Hamlet Open Sabre - 59th

Bristol Open Sabre - 86th

Bolton Cadet Sabre - 27th

Shropshire Open Sabre - 24th

British Cadet Championships - 9th

British Junior Championships - 26th

Godollo Cadet Sabre Competition (Hungary) - 103rd

Kenton Cadet Sabre Competition (Germany) - 63rd

Shakespeare Cadet Sabre - 12th

Bath Leon Paul U15 Sabre - Runner Up

South East Region U16 Sabre Competition - Winner

South East Sabre - Winner

Corble Cup A Grade - Qualifying Event - 18th

Corble Cupe A Grade - Preliminary Round - 56th. 72nd overall.

Surrey Sabre Runner Up

Slough Sabre - 16th

BYC Finals U16 Sabre - Joint Third

Hampshire Open Sabre - 12th (prov.)

Bristol Leon Paul Sabre U17 - Joint Third

Nottingham Open Sabre - 6th

Invicta Open Sabre - 11th

International Birmingham Sabre - 28th

Coventry Leon Paul Sabre U17 - Runner Up

Bristol Cadet Sabre Joint Third

Cole Cup (Coup de Nord) - 24th

British Nationals Sabre - 60th

Current Sabre Ranking 50 - Junior Ranking - 28 - Cadet Ranking 4 (Cadet Ranking for International Selection 8)

Tim Schofield (Veteran)

South East Region Epee - Joint Third

Aldershot Open Epee - 65th

Surrey Epee - 9th (prov.)

Nottingham Open Epee - 16th

Invicta Open Epee - 42nd

Veteran's Championships, Epee - 27th

International Birmingham Epee - 91st

Isle of Wight Open Epee - 26th

Surrey One Hit Epee - 14th

Current Epee Ranking 193

Gareth Thomas (Musketeer) (fencing for Tiger Swords)

Surrey Novice Epee

Surrey Intermediate Epee

Arnold Leon Paul Epee U13 Boys - 5th

Warwick Leon Paul Epee U15 Boys - 9th

Wrexham Open Epee - 46th

Neale Thomas (Fencing for LTFC)

Surrey Epee - Runner Up

International Birmingham Epee - 27th

British Nationals Epee - 29th

Veteran's 40+ 1st

Current Epee Ranking 50

Antoine Ubaghs (Novice)

Surrey Novices Epee - last 8

Surrey Novices Foil - last 8

Norfolk Open Foil - 70th

Norflk Open Epee - 60th

Christopher Weeks (Novice)

Surrey Novices Foil - last 16

Surrey Intermediate Foil

Surrey Foil - 24th

Simon Wood (Novice)

Birmingham Open (BAF) - 32nd

Hampshire Open Foil - 44th (prov.)

Thomas Woodcock (Musketeer)

South East Region U14 Epee Competition - 13th

Team Results

Barwell Cup - 14th December, 2003

Guildford A - Third: Phil Fenn (4th Men's Foil); Neale Thomas (Winner Epee) ; Steve Pope (equal 2nd Sabre); Tonya Cheatham (equal 10th Ladies Foil)

Guildford B - Fifth: Chris Hider (equal 6th Men's Foil); Simon Pearson (equal third Epee); Chris Schofield ( Winner Sabre ); Jenna Hardy (12th Ladies Foil)

Cadet Winton - 20th and 21st December, 2003

Christopher Schofield was selected as part of the South East Team, Boys Sabre. The South-East were runners up to the South West.

Surrey Team Epee - 1st February, 2004

Guildford - joint 3rd

David Hydes, Simon Pearson, Tim Schofield and Neale Thomas

Surrey Team Sabre - 1st February, 2004

Guildford - Second

S Jaya1ath, Aaron Lewis, Steve Pope, Christopher Schofield

Surrey Team Foil - 4th April, 2004

Guildford A - 2nd Poule A

Steve Pope, Phil Fenn and Vilya Harvey

Guildford B - 4th Poule B

Niki Lewis, Richard Hall, Christopher Weeks

Wimbledon Invitation - 25th April, 2004

Guildford - Second

Guildford team - Daniel Brooks, Tonya Cheatham, Phil Fenn, Vilya Harvey, Kirsty McDonald, Steve Pope, Simon Pearson, Tim Schofield,

Individual Results


Steve Pope Winner Daniel Brooks - 7th


Simon Pearson Runner Up Tim Schofield - 5th

Men's Foil

Phil Fenn - 4th Vilya Harvey - 8th

Women's Foil

Kirsty MacDonald - 6th Tonya Cheatham - 7th

Excalibur - 1st and 2nd May, 2004

Christopher Schofield was part of the winning Surrey Team. Surrey also won the men's sabre - team David Sachs, Andy Reynolds and Christopher Schofield


Club Competition Results 2003/2004

Master at Arms - (the trophy for Best Overall fencer)

Steve Pope

Club Foil - Men's

A smaller event than usual, partly because the Ladies fenced separately. Twelve fencers took part. Congratulations to Phil Fenn, who last won the event in 1994. James Frost was the highest placed Cadet.

1. Phil Fenn

2. James Frost

3. Vilya Harvey

Club Foil - Ladies

Held as a separate event for the first time in some years - a small but select gathering! Congratulations to Jenna who was also the highest placed Cadet.

1. Jenna Hardy

2. Tonya Cheatham

3. Alice Merry

Club Handicap Foil - Mixed

Our thanks to Simon Pearson for organising the event and devising the handicap. Congratulations to Tonya. Highest placed Cadet was James Frost.

1. Tonya Cheatham 2. Simon Pearson 3. James Frost
4. Roy Davey 5. Richard Hall 6. Chris Hider
7. Tony Palmer 8. Tim Harris 9. Sam Piper
10. Tony Lane 11. Daniel Brooks 12. Antoine Ubaghs
13. Simon Wood 14. Ari Laakkonen 15. Anthony Martin

Club Sabre

Due to excellant organisation by Vilya, the two preliminary poules and the final were all finished on the first night. Congratulations to Steve Pope. Chris Schofield was the highest placed Cadet.

1. Steve Pope 2. Christopher Schofield 3. Aaron Lewis
4. S Jaya1ath 5. Simon Pearson 6. Daniel Brooks
=7. Richard Hall =7. Tony Lane

Club Epee

A much higher turnout thatn normal the Club Epee was held over two nights. Congratulations to Steve Pope who came first and thereby won the the trophy for Best Overall fencer, otherwise known as Master at Arms Congratulations also to Gareth Thomas who was the highest placed Cadet.

1. Steve Pope 2. Tim Schofield 3. Vilya Harvey
4. Gareth Thomas 5. Simon Pearson 6. Andrew MacNeil

Club Junior Epee

Held for the first time this year this attracted juniors over a wide range of ages. Congratulations to James Venn and to Jenna Hardy who was the highest placed female.

1. James Venn 2. Thomas Woodcock 3. Jenna Hardy
4. Richard Austin 5. Alice Merry 6. Christopher Hinchliff
=7. Ross Davey =8. Jenny Austin

Club One Hit Epee

Held for the first time since 2000, this attracted a large number of entrants and numbers were limited to 18, giving 3 poules of 6. Everyone fenced each other and the competition finished just in time. Unsurprisingly, the 'real' epeeists came out on top but the results show how varied the field was. Congratulations to Simon Pearson who 'conincidently' was also the winner in 2000.

Junior Foil Competitions

Medals awarded to Guildford fencers only.

Under 17

  1. Eugene Palmer (Gold Medal)
  2. James Frost (Silver Medal)
  3. Matthew Mawson (guest)
  4. Laurence Reucroft (guest)
  5. Matthew Chapman (guest)

Under 14

  1. Gurav Gupta (Gold Megal)
  2. Stephanie Venn (Silver Medal)
  3. Emily Harris (Bronze Medal)
  4. Shaun Palmer
  5. Joshua Ogle

Under 12

  1. James Newell (guest)
  2. Basil Jennings (guest)
  3. Verity Ridgeon (Gold Medal)
  4. Clare Cheeseman (guest)
  5. Elizabeth Collier (Silver Medal)
  6. Tim Cochrane (Bronze Medal)
  7. Sebastian Padgett (guest)

Under 10

  1. Daniel Ogle (Gold Medal)
  2. Sam Williams (Silver Medal)
  3. Lauren Agus (guest)
  4. Alex Collier (Bronze Medal)

Novice Foil

Twelve novices entered, ranging in experience from nearly three years to just a couple of months. The competition was held over two weeks and the top six went on to fight a final poule of six on the second week.

Congratulations to Chris Hider. He scored a remarkable hat-trick of victories having won the novices for three years running. Fortunately for the rest of us, Chris will not be eligible for the Novices next year.

Commieserations to Vilya Harvey who had to pull out of the second week due to other commitments. Richard Bodington was the next highest fencer and was promoted in Vilya's place. Well done, Richard on achieving 4th place.

Berna Duymaz won the Ladies Novices.

1. Chris Hider
2. Tony Palmer
3. Antoine Ubaghs
4. Richard Bodington
5. Tim Harris
6. Daniel Brooks
7. Vilya Harvey
8. Christopher Weeks
9. Berna Duymaz
10. Roy Hogban
11. Rakesh Gupta
12. Tom Boys

There are no more Club competitions this year.


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