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Club Competition results for 1999/2000 Season

Club Competition results for 1998/99 Season

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Results for 1999/2000 Season

Club Junior Under-11 2000

The under 11 competition was fenced on 12 May 2000. There was a strong entry of 9 fencers, fenced as a poule unique on two pistes.(For this age range, fights were fenced to the first of four hits, with a three-minute time range). A measure of the even spread of ability is that 5 places had to be decided on indicators. Victory went to Stephanie Ties, fencing well with a steady unhurried style.

 123456789 WinsHSHRIndPlace
1 Tom Rowles 0VV3202 2




2 Eugene PalmerV VV22V2V




3 Paul Huffsmith30 2220V1




4 Tristan Heney32V 12112




5 Ben WalkerVVVV 02V1




6 Stephanie TiesVVVVV 1V3V



7 Cassie Tickner-Smith V0VVVV DV



8 Edmund Hartland VV2V32V3 V




9 Christopher Dodd V2VVV200 



Club Handicap 2000

The handicap this year had a strong entry, whith 17 fencers in the first round, reducing to a pool of 8 in the second round (one of whom had to retire, giving a pool of 7). The handicap system this year was the same as last - the better fencers have a lower handicap, and the handicap is added to the number of hits fenced.  First place from the pool was a tie between a fencer with a high handicap and a fencer with a low one, showing that the system works!

The table shows the results of the final pool:

1 Les Smith 11V12V1815334
2 Jon WoodrowV 1V314V1019296
3 Tim SchofieldVV VVVV730371=
4 Stephanie Ties220 0331810287
5 Steve PopeVV1V VV626325
6 Jon CryerVV0V0 V1720371=
7 Cassie Tickner-Smith443V14 1816343

In the barrage for first place, Tim beat Jon by 5 hits to nil. (This saves the handicap system from any criticism in its adjustment for small pool sizes!)

Club Foil 2000

This was the first competition of the year 2000. The first round narrowed the number of competitors from 15 to 8, and the result of the final pool was
1 Philip Fenn V3V3VV242825+34
2 Tim Schofield4 2VVVV443025+53
3 Steve PopeVV VVVV163114+172
4 Tim Rothwell240 1V2011434-207
5 Jon WoodrowV30V V323232305
6 Michael Mullins10141 4101235-178
7 Derick Bowler333VVV 432829-16
8 Simon PearsonVVVVVVV 73514+211

Club Novices' Foil 2000

There were eight entrants in the novices' foil this year, and it was an even contest with none having over a year's experience. The competition was organised as a pool unique, spread over two electric pistes.

Thanks should go to the referees and other helpers, and the club members who loaned electric equipment without which the competition could not have run properly.

Club 1-Hit épée 2000

This first competition of the season was fenced under rules which provided not only for a 1-all double defeat if a double hit was registered, but for a 0-all double defeat when a fight went to time!
Round A      WinsIndPlace
Meg Schofield DDDDV1-36
Phil FennV VDDD2-14
Martin CohenVD DDD1+15
Simon PearsonVVD VV4+31
Paul EnticknapVVVD D3+12=
Tim SchofieldDVVDV 3+12=

Round B      WinsIndPlace
Paul Enticknap DVDDD1-35=
Martin CohenV DDDV203
Meg SchofieldDV DDD1-35=
Simon PearsonVDV VV 4+41
Tim SchofieldVVVD V4+32
Phil FennVDVDD 2-14

The final places were therefore:

  1. Simon Pearson, 8 victories
  2. Tim Schofield, 7 victories
  3. Phil Fenn and Paul Enticknap, tied with 4 victories each

Results for 1998/1999 Season

Club Junior Foil June 1999

There were 11 entries, fenced in a pool unique and fiercely contested. First 3 places were:

1. Chloe Twydell (9 victories, after a barrage)
2. Edmund Hartland (9 victories)
3. Christopher Schofield (8 victories)

Club Handicap 1998/99

Round 1

The first round of the club handicap was fenced on 30 April 1999. This year electric equipment was used for the first time, which considerably de-randomised the scoring!

Bouts are fenced normally to five hits. However, ranking in the pool is based on the sum of hits scored and a pre-assigned handicap (which is adjusted for the size of the pool). In theory this system favours those with higher handicaps; but the results of pool 1 shows the theory does not always work out! Pool 2 is more typical; note that the handicaps are adjusted for the size of the pool, and that Tim Schofield's high handicap results from his having to fence left-handed as he is recovering from tennis elbow.

Pool 1      HSH'capTotalPlace
David Hydes DVVVV238312
Meg SchofieldV VVVV258331
Richard Hall11 VVV1711284
Simon Rowling014 2V1212245
Chris Dodd012V V1316293
Alec Johnson20003 516216

Pool 2     HSH'capTotalPlace
Derick Bowler 2VV4164205
Jon WoodrowV VVV206261=
Andy Stent22 4V138214
Tim Schofield23V V1511 (L/H)261=
Chris SchofieldV431 1312253

Club Handicap Final Round

The final round ended with an outright win to Meg Schofield (and it is the first time she has fenced foil in a year!). Jon employed some crafty foil techniques to counter Meg and David's épée tendencies and a barrage was necessary to decide second place. The two Christophers fought very well, with their shorter reach substantially compensated for by a much smaller target! The rather low spread of total scores shows that this handicap system is working quite well.

Final      HSH'capTotalPlace
Meg Schofield VVVVV258331
Jon Woodrow4 VVV3228303
Chris Dodd24 3401316294
Tim Schofield01V V31414
Chris Schofield01V4 11115266
David Hydes2VVVV 228302

Barrage for
2nd place
Jon Woodrow 33252
David HydesV 5271

One-Hit épée 1998/99

One-Hit épée Round 1

Derick Bowler DVDD133
Simon PearsonD VVD232
Tim SchofieldDD DD024
Kostya OnyshihenkoVDD V232
Paul EnticknapDVDD 133

One-Hit épée Round 2

Tim Schofield VVDD222
Simon PearsonD VDV222
Paul EnticknapDD DV113
Kostya OnyshihenkoVVV V440
Derick BowlerVDDD 113


1st Kostya 6 wins

2nd Simon 4 wins

3rd equal, everyone else on 3 wins

Sabre One-Hit épée

(Not including Martin who took part as a guest fencer)

David Hydes V12411217-53
Andy Stent2 31V11117-64
Derek GrovesVV VV42010+101
Ted LaceyVV4 V3199+102
Simon PearsonV221 11019-95

Club Epée Competition 1998/99

Paul won the competition comfortably on 12th March 1999. Meg's form was disappointing (she was recovering from two days of GCSE exam); but Jon made a very creditable second place, while Andy - who has only fenced epée a few weeks - was unlucky his excellent footwork and timing only brought him one win. It was Ted Lacey's last competition before he retires to Devon, and this cannot be a bad result to take with him.  

Club epée 1999Place
1Andy Stent 32V215
2Martin CohenV 342V4
3Jon WoodrowVV V142
4Meg Schofield2V1 236
5Paul EnticknapVVVV V1
6Ted LaceyV2VV0 3


Club Matches

GMBG Launch - 29 January 2000

Guildford Fencing Club participated in the launch of the Guildford Millennium Borough Games by participating in a series of matches against Guildford Spectrum and Farnborough.  We are grateful to the Spectrum.sports centre for allowing us to use part of their main sports arena for this event, which was enthusiastically received by all who took part - especially our younger fencers, who tell me they would like more matches, please.


We tried out the new format - first to 45 - for the team épée event against Guildford Spectrum. An early lead by Tim against James was recovered by Simon's powerful performance against Derick in the second bout, and Spectrum then led all the way to a solid victory of 45 points to 35. Teams were:

Novice Foil

This match was fought in the traditional format, first to 5 hits.The result was a 7-2 victory for Guildford.

1Tom   310
2Hannah  1V
3Richard   321
4Michael HVVV   
5Michael JV4   
6Tim RV   

Under 12 Foil

To equalise the numbers, Florian (who has recently joined Guildford) joined the Farnborough team for this match. The result was a 7-2 victory for Guildford, a triumph for the more experienced Guildford fencers against a slightly older average age of the Farnborough team.

1Stephanie   3VV
2Naomi  2V
3Edmund    V

Under 10 Foil

This match was fought in the traditional style, first to 3 hits in each bout. The result was a 6-3 victory for Guildford against Farnborough.

1Hector   V3V
3Eugene    V

Barwell Competition - 21 November 1999

This year the Barwell was held at Ewell Castle School, and teams from eight clubs competed. Guildford. s team consisted of Meg Schofield (Ladies Foil), Simon Pearson (Epee), Steve Pope (Men. s Foil) and Dragan Radosavljevic. (Sabre). Simon and Dragan won four fights each, while Meg remembered enough about foil to win five fights. Overall, the team finished 3rd =, with the first place in this friendly Surrey team competition going once again to Wimbledon. Steve and Dragan are recent joiners at GFC and this was a good start in their first match for us.

Individual Results

Club members who have recorded individual results this year are:Stephanie Ties, Cassie Tickner-Smith, Chloe Twydell, Christopher Schofield, Margaret Schofield, Timothy Schofield, Kostya Onyshihenko, Simon Pearson.

Stephanie Ties

Surrey Age Group Foil, U12, 28th November 19994th
SE England U12 Foil, 12 March 20005th

Cassie Tickner-Smith

Surrey Age Group Foil, U12, 28th November 19995th
Eton Foil, U13, 25 March 20002nd

Chloe Twydell

Surrey Age Group Foil, U12, 8th November 19981st
William Perkins U14, 13th November 1999Last 8
Surrey Age Group Foil, U14, 28th November 19992nd

Christopher Schofield

Eton Leon Paul Series, U11 boys, 26th April 199815th
William Perkins U12, 13th November 1999Last 16
Surrey Age Group Foil, U12, 28th November 19995th

Naomi Baker

SE England U12 Foil, 12 March 20006th

Natalie Lloyds

SE England U12 Foil, 12 March 200010th

Margaret Schofield

Supported by Guildford Boroug Council
British women's épée championships, Hendon 16 May 199810th
Isle Of Wight Open Epée, 17 May 19985th
Excalibur inter-county competition, May 1998, in Surrey teamTeam 1st
Redhill One-Hit Epée (Cauchard Cup), 21 June 19983rd (ladies, after barrage), 16th (mixed)
Surrey Ladies Foil, 7 June 19982nd
Recklinghaused Cadet Foil, July 1998Last 64
Jesus College Open-Air Epée, 5 July 1998 (Mixed)Last 64
Norfolk Open Women's Epée, 19th July 199815th
Essex Open Epée, 5th September 199814th
Bristol Open Epée, 19th September 19989th
Shropshire Open Epée, 26th September 19983rd
Leicester Open Epée33rd
Heidenheim Cadet Epée, 31st October 199864th
Cadet (U17) Womens Epée Championships, 24th October 19986th
Junior (U20) Womens Epée Championships, 25th October 199810th
Welsh Open Womens Epée, 15th November 19989th (highest-placed cadet)
Bonn Cadet Epée, 7th February 1999top 24
Cadet Winton (representing SE England) ladies' foil team, December 1998Team 1st (SE England 2nd overall)
World Championships, Kethszely, 31st March 199969th
National Epée, 16th May 199921st
National Team Epée, 17th May 1999 fencing for Haverstock1st
Bristol OpenLast 32
Shropshire Open3=
Leicester OpenLast 32
Tyneside Open Epée, 6th Nov 19996th
Welsh Open Epée31st
National U18 Epée, 12th February 20003rd=
Surrey Ladies Epée, 13 February 20001st
Ipswich International Epée (A-grade), 2 April 2000Last 64

Timothy Schofield

Isle Of Wight Open Epée, 17 May 199823rd
Redhill One-Hit Epée (Cauchard Cup), 21 June 199811th (mens), 12th (mixed)
Jesus College Open-Air Epée, 5 July 1998 (Mixed)10th
Norfolk Open Epée, 19th July 19988th
Essex Open Epée, 5th September 1998unplaced
Aldershot Open Epée, 17th January 
Slough Open Epée, 7th Feb 199964th
Redhill One-Hit Epée (Cauchard Cup), 25 June 19996th= (mens) 8th= (mixed)
Bristol Open EpéeLast 128
Shropshire Open EpéeLast 64
Leicester Open Epée Last 128
Surrey Epée, 13th February Last 16

National Veterans Association Epée, 12 March 2000


Kostya Onyshihenko

Redhill One-Hit Epée (Cauchard Cup), 21 June 19984th
Hereford and Worcester Open Epée, 5 December 199813th

Simon Pearson

Isle Of Wight Open Foil, 16th May 199823rd
Isle Of Wight Open Epée, 17th May 19985th
Surrey Mens Foil, 7 June 19987th
Norfolk Open Foil, 19th July 199827th
Norfolk Open Epee, 19th July 199832nd
Isle Of Wight Open Foil, 15th May 199919th
Isle Of Wight Open Epée, 16th May 19997th
Bristol Open EpéeLast 64
Surrey Epée, 13 February7th
National Veterans Association Foil, 11 March 200024th
National Veterans Association Epée, 12 March 200037th

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