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One of our ex-members is now with a fencing club at Linköping in Sweden, but still keeps in touch regularly. The club has managed to obtain a grant to send a number of junior fencers overseas, and sent them to visit us in England, accompanied by their coach and some senior club members. There are some pictures of the visit.

To make sure that the visitors receive plenty of fencing experience, we organised a friendly tournament with Wimbledon and Streatham fencing clubs, with whom we have a long-standing relationship. We are fortunate to have obtained sufficient sponsorship from Leon Paul, the British fencing equipment manufacturer, to hire the sports hall in the new Cricket Centre. This large hall proved an ideal venue for a fencing event.

The tournament was held on Saturday 10th May, with fencing from 10AM to about 5 PM. 25 adults and 26 youth fencers (12 to 15 years old) took part (including three substitutes).

Provisional results

Full results to follow


  1. Wimbledon A
  2. Linköping A
  3. Streatham A
  4. Guildford A
  5. Streatham B
  6. Linköping B
  7. Wimbledon B
  8. Guildford B

Foil (youth)

  1. Wimbledon A
  2. Wimbledon B
  3. Linköping A
  4. Streatham A
  5. Guildford A
  6. Linköping B
  7. Streatham B
  8. Guildford B

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