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GFC Team Competition Results 2005-2006

This page gives the results for fencers from Guildford Fencing Club for the fencing year 2005/2006. For results from other years, click here.

Bowden Cup and Guildford Chalice - 23rd July 2006

Fourteen teams took part in the second Bowden Cup.  In the morning session of individual weapons, Andy Reynolds and Maiyuran Raneswaran both of Team Birthday took the individual titles in Foil and Sabre with Neale Thomas of Guildford Eh? winning the Epée. Tarenn Telller achieved an impressive result being the highest placed lady in the competition overall, coming runner-up in the foil to Andy Reynolds.  Andy was an impressive winner, achieving the maximum number of victories - 13 out of 13.  Brian, Dawn and Jean all scored 9 wins. In the Epée, Neale Thomas was a clear victor with 13 victories.  Tim Buzwell in second place had 10 victories and Gareth Williams had 9 victories to secure third place. Tim Schofield and Gavin Moulton also achieved 9 wins.  In the sabre a clear cut winner was not so obvious -  Maiyuran and Chris Schofield had equal number of victories, scoring 11 out of 13 possible wins, Maiyuran however had the better indicators.Robert was third with 10 victories then came  Jacob, Mark and Dan D all scoring 9 victories

Photo - Andy Reynolds and Tarenn Teller

(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin

Full Individual Results


  1. Andy Reynolds - Team Birthday - 13 victories
  2. Tarenn Teller - Wimbledon - 11 victories
  3. Brian Harkins - Wimbledon Blackhawks - 9 victories
  4. Dawn Townsend - Morley Blades - 9 victories
  5. Jean Li-Kam-Tin - Wimbledon Wombles -  9 victories
  6. Jo Bowyer - Streatham -  8 victories
  7. Simon Pearson - Good, Bad and Ugly - 8 victories
  8. Hector Ketley - Brains, Brawn and Beauty - 6 victories
  9. Gaurav Gupta - Sleepy Heads - 5 victories
  10. Harry Ketley - Mixed Vintage - 4 victories
  11. Sophie Cope - Egham - 4 victories
  12. Antoine Ubaghs - Team Skippy - 3 victories
  13. Rakash Gupta - Guildford Eh? - 2 victories
  14. Patcharin Yimpatria - Kingston & Co - 0 victories

Aaron Lewis presented the prizes - here with Andy Reynolds, winner of the Foil

Photo (c) Tim Schofield


  1. Neale Thomas - Guildford Eh - 13 victories
  2. Tim Buzwell - Wimbledon - 10 victories
  3. Gareth Williams -  Egham - 9 victories
  4. Tim Schofield - Good, Bad and Ugly - 9 victories
  5. Gavin Moulton - Streatham - 9 victories
  6. Aaron Gardner - Wimbledon Wombles - 8 victories
  7. Vilya Harvey - Brains, Brawn & Beauty - 7 victories
  8. Alec Johnson - Kingston & Co. - 6 victories
  9. David Bilic - Morley Blades - 6 victories
  10. Gareth Thomas - Sleepy Heads - 6 victories
  11. Daniel Brooks - Team Skippy - 4 victories
  12. Elaine Buzwell - Wimbledon Blackhawks - 2 victories
  13. Niki Lewis - Team Birthday - 1 victory
  14. Julie Schofield - Mixed Vintage - 1 victory
Here with Tim Buzwell, second in the Epée

Photo (c) Tim Schofield

  1. Maiyuran Raneswaran - Team Birthday - 11 victories 
  2. Chris Schofield - Sleepy Heads - 11 victories
  3. Robert Longson - Wimbledon - 10 victories
  4. Jacob Collighan - Good, Bad and Ugly - 9 victories
  5. Mark Oakes - Kingston & Co. - 9 victories
  6. Dan Daly - Brains, Brawn and Beauty - 9 victories
  7. Jim Hamilton - Wimbledon Wombles - 7 victories
  8. Owen Gough - Guildford Eh? - 7 victories
  9. Tonya Cheatham - Team Skippy - 5 victories
  10. Ceri Thomas - Streatham - 4 victories
  11. Richard Hall - Mixed Vintage -  4 victories
  12. Teresa Miarka - Wimbledon Blackhawks - 4 victories
  13. Natalie Atkins - Egham - 1 victory
  14. Karen Birkhoelzer - Morley Blades - 0 victories

Maiyuran was first in the Sabre

Photo (c) Tim Schofield

Team Competition

The afternoon team competition was an incomplete tableau for the last 16.  The individual results had resulted in the following seeding:
  1. Wimbledon
  2. Good, Bad & Ugly
  3. Team Birthday
  4. Wimbledon Wombles
  5. Brains, Brawn & Beauty
  6. Sleepy Heads
  7. Streatham
  8. Guildford Eh?
  9. Kingston & Co
  10. Wimbledon Blackhawks
  11. Morley Blades
  12. Egham
  13. Team Skippy
  14. Mixed Vintage
Wimbledon and Good, Bad and Ugly received byes into the Last 8

The order of weapons was decided on differences between the individuals scores from the morning, the closest fighting first.  For example Maiyuran was first and Richard 11th - a difference of 10 places; Andy was first and Harry 9th - a difference of 8 places; and Niki was 13th and Julie 14th - a difference of one place.

Simon and Julie at control watched over by Tim S
Photo (c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin


Team Birthday v Mixed Vintage (3 v 14)

Mixed Vintage found the power force of Team Birthday much to much to handle.  

Sabre - Maiyuran v. Richard 10-2
Foil - Andy v. Harry 10-3
Epée - Niki v. Julie 10-7

Final Score - 30 to 12

Richard of Mixed Vintage preparing to fight
(c) Tim Schofield
Wimbledon Wombles v Team Skippy (4 v 13)

Foil - Jean v Antoine
Epée - Aaron v Dan B
Sabre - Jim v Tonya

Individual scores not recorded

Final Score 30 to 21
Jim v Tonya
(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin
Brain, Brawn and Beauty v Egham (5 v 12)

Sabre - Dan D v Natalie Atkins 10-4
Epée -  Vilya v Gareth T 10-8
Foil -  Hector v  Sophie 10- 9

Final Score 30 to 21

Natalie of Egham
(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin
Sleepy Heads v Morley Blades (6 v 11)

Sabre - Chris v Karen
Foil -   Gaurav  v Dawn
Epée - Gareth T v David
Individual scores not recorded

Final Score 30 to 17

(Unfortunately, I can't locate any photos of this match.  This photo is of Chris fighting Jacob in the semi-final.
Chris is on the left)  Photo (c) Neale Thomas

Streatham v Wimbledon Blackhawks (7 v 10)

Epée - Gavin v Elaine 10-8
Foil  - Jo v Brian  7-11
Sabre - Ceri v Teresa 13-4

Final Score 30 to 23

Wimbledon Blackhawks - Teresa, Brian and Elaine
(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin
Guildford Eh? v Kingston & Co. (8 v 9)

Epée - Neale v Alec
Sabre - Owen v Mark
Foil -  Rakash v Patcharin

Individual results not recorded

Final Score 30 to 22

Again no photos of this match.  This is Gaurav about to fence Patcharin in the individual foil.
(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin

Last 16 Result

9th Kingston & Co
10th Wimbledon Blackhawks
11th Morley Blades
12th Egham
13th Team Skippy
14th Mixed Vintage

Photo -Sophie from Egham peparing to fight in the individual foil.
(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin

       Team Skippy - Antoine, Dan B and Tonya
        (c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin


Wimbledon v Guildford Eh? (1 v 8)

Foil - Tarenn v Rakash 10-0
Sabre - Robert v Owen 10-5
Epée - Tim B v Neale 10-11

Final Result  30-16

(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin

Good, Bad & Ugly v Streatham (2 v  7)

Sabre Jacob v Ceri - 10-2
Epée Tim v Gavin - Result unknown
Foil  Simon v  Jo - Results unknown

Final Result 30 to 25

Simon v Jo
(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin
Team Birthday v Sleepy Heads ( 3 v 6)
Foil - Andy v Gaurav
Epée - Niki v Gareth T
Sabre - Maiyuran v Chris

Individual results not recorded

Final Result 27 to 30 - the first reversal of the day

Photo - Rakash preparing to fight Gaurav in the individual event
(c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin

Wimbledon Wombles v Brains, Brawn & Beauty (4 v 5)

Foil - Jean  v Hector
Sabre - Jim v Dan D
Epée-  Aaron v Vilya

Individual results not recorded

Final Result - 30 to 22

Jean v Hector - (c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin

Last 8 result

5th - Team Birthday
6th - Brains, Brawn & Beauty
7th - Streatham
8th - Guildford Eh?


The semi-finals saw two Wimbledon teams and two Guildford teams fight each other.  The Wimbledon semi-final was an extremely tense affair with the Wombles leading by one hit and with only seconds to go Tarenn hit to even the scores at 21 each.  In the extra minute  Tarenn scored the winning hit to go through to the final for the second year in succession.

Wimbledon v Wimbledon Wombles (1 v 4)

Sabre - Robert v Jim 9-10
Epée - Tim v Aaron 3-2
Foil -  Tarenn v Jean 9-9

Final Result 22 to 21

Photo - Jean fencing Tarenn in the semif-final attracted a large audience.  
 (c) Jean Li-Kam-Tin

In the Guildford Final, Tim started well for Good, Bad and Ugly, giving a one point lead.  Chris who was on amazing form took the second weapon giving the Sleepy Heads a seven point lead.  Gaurav fought bravely and successfully against Simon to keep the lead and force the win. Again Sleepy Heads upset the seeding.

Photo - Gareth fencing Tim - (c) Neale Thomas

Good, Bad and Ugly v Sleepy Heads (2 v 6)

Epée - Tim v Gareth 10-9
Sabre -Jacob v Chris 3-11
Foil -  Simon v Gaurav 7-10

Final Result 30 to 20


The seeding of the weapons for the final was decisive, with Chris and Robert closest in ranking left
to right the final bout.

Tim started well and was ahead at the start.  Here in the photo {courtesy of Neale Thomas - (c) Neale Thomas}
Tim is leading 3 points to 2.

Gareth kept fighting and gave  the Sleepy Heads an early lead of 10 hits to 7.


Gaurav versus Tarenn - (c) Neale Thomas

Tarenn dominated the foil, turning the tables on the Sleepy Heads and
giving Wimbledon a good lead of 20 hits to 13 after the second fight.

Watching Chris pace in the background it was clear that Tarenn's efforts may not be enough
to win the event and  so it proved with Chris on top form scoring an amazing 17 hits to Robert's
three to win the event for the Sleepy Heads.

Photo on right shows Chris fencing Robert in the final - Chris on the left.  - (c) Neale Thomas

Wimbledon v Sleepy Heads (1 v 6)

Epée - Tim v Gareth  7-10
Foil - Tarenn v Gaurav 13-3
Sabre Robert v Chris 3-17

Final Result 23 to 30

Third Place Play Off

Good, Bad and Ugly v Wimbledon Wombles (2 v 4)

Sabre - Jacob v Jim 10-8
Foil - Simon v Jean 7-12
Epée - Tim v Aaron 6-10

Final Result 23 to 30

Julie presents Jean with his team third place glass.

Last 4
1st Sleepy Heads
2nd Wimbledon - Winner of the Guildford Chalice
3rd Wimbledon Wombles
4th Good, Bad and Ugly

Bowden Cup


The Sleepy Heads

Gaurav Gupta (Foil); Gareth Thomas (Epée); Chris Schofield (Sabre)

Photo - (c) Tim Schofield

Guildford Chalice



Tarenn Teller (Foil): Robert Longson (Sabre) and Tim Buzwell (Epée)

Photo - (c) Tim Schofield

Congratulations to Sleepy Heads and Wimbledon.

 I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and hope to see you all again next year.  Full results can be found here

The day was finished with a visit to the Horse and Groom followed by a curry at the Merrow Dynasty.

Photos - (c) Julie Schofield - taken at the Horse and Groom, Merrow

Photo One - Chris Schofield, Meena Gupta, Rakash Gupta, Dan Daly and Owen Gough

Photo Two - Chris Schofield, Tarenn Teller, Robert Longson, Tim Schofield, Simon Pearson, Jean Li-Jam-Tin, Vilya Harvey

Julie Schofield

Excalibur, 29th and 30th April, 2006

Several Guildford fencers were selected to take part, we congratulate them all.  Chris and Meg Schofield, Niki and Aaron Lewis were representing Surrey.  Guildford would like to congratulate Surrey on a fine win, their ninth in succession.

Photo:  Niki and Aaron Lewis, Andry Reynolds, Surrey Captain with Trophy, and Chris Schofield
(c) 2006 Julie Schofield

Guildford unofficial results were as follows:

Men's Sabre

Women's Sabre

Women's Epée

Wimbledon Invitation, 23rd April, 2006

Photos are (c) Julie Schofield unless otherwise stated.

The Wimbledon Invitation took place at the Urseline School with six teams taking part, Salle Joseph and Streatham B not fencing on the day.  This gave 12 fencers for each event.  As usual there were two seeding poules with the top three fencers from each poule going into poule A and the bottom three fencers going in to poule B. The standard of fencing was excellent and Guildford would like to thank Wimbledon for again organising a fun and exciting event.  Wimbledon, Egham and Guildford were all close contenders for first place and it was not clear until the final counting who had actually won.  Congratulations to Wimbledon for yet another victory.

The Guildford team was:

Congratulations to our two lady sabreurs who acquitted themselves well with pointy sticks.

Niki was promoted to the top poule with three victories, beating Rebecca of Brighton and Hove, Helen of Morley Blades and Natalie of Egham.  

Tonya won two of her five matches beating Rachel of Brighton and Hove and Selina of Streatham.  Tonya was placed fourth in her poule and went into Poule B in the afternoon.

Ladies Foil was particularly strong this year with Tarenn Teller and Dawn Townsend both in the top poule and Niki did well to come 5th overall.  

Tonya won four of her five matches in the afternoon to be placed a very creditable 8th.

The photograph on the right shows Niki fencing Tarenn in the afternoon,  Tarenn won the fight by 5 hits to 3.

Nikii and Tonya contributed 13 points to Guildford's total

Our two young foilists also did well on their baptismal outing both gaining two victories in the first round.  However, neither gained promotion to the top poule, both coming fourth in their poules.  In the morning, Hector beat Nick of Streatham and Garrie of Morley Blades.  However, in the afternoon Hector lost narrowly to Nick by 4 hits to 5.  Nick won the poule with 5 victories with Hector placing second winning all his other matches including his fight with Gaurav.

In the morning Gaurav beat Michael of Morley Blades and Nick of Egham.  In the afternoon he came a close third in the B Poule winning three of his 5 fights, losing only to Nick and to Hector.

The picture on the left shows Gaurav against Nick of Streatham in the afternoon poule.  Gaurav is on the left.

Gaurav and Hector contributed 9 points to Guildford's total.

Simon Pearson had a storming first round, winning his poule having won all his fights, including a 5-0 victory over Tim Buzwell. Tim was second in his poule with only one defeat to Aaron Gardner of Wimbledon and joined Simon in the A poule for Epée.

Tim Buzwell got his revenge on Simon in the afternoon winning 5 hits to 3 and Simon's only other defeat was to the eventual winner Aaron  again by 5 hits to 3.  Tim had a tougher time in the afternoon, just winning one fight to finish 5th overall.  

The picture on the right show Tim fencing Ingrid of Egham in the afternoon.  Tim won by 5 hits to 3.

Simon and Tim contributed 17 points to Guildford's total.

All the sabre fights were to eight points rather than five.  The sabre event could be said to be dominated by Guildford.  Aaron and Chris both won all their fights in the morning's poules. Their progress was very close - Chris dropped 19 points and Aaron 20.  

Owen fencing for Egham was also promoted after a barrage with Ian de Whalley.  

In the afternoon both Aaron and Chris won all their other fights, so who came first and second was decided by a fast and exciting fight between them  (see photo on the left) - Aaron was the eventual winner beating Chris by 8 hits to 5.

A special mention should be made of two other Guildford fencers Owen Gough and Dan Daly who also took part, having been loaned out to fence for Egham for the day.  Owen did particularly well and was only narrowly defeated by Chris to finish third overall.  Dan was relegated to Poule B on indicators only and he was a worthy winner of Poule B in the afternoon, winning all his matches.

Aaron and Chris contributed maxium points of  23.  Congratulations.

Photo (c) 2006 Jean L-Kam-Tin  - for more of Jean's photos' please see Wimbledon photo site

Full results of the Wimbledon Invitation can be found here - wictsresults06.xls

Guildford individual results were:

Photo on right of Aaron receiving his trophy from Jill of Wimbledon.

Team Result
  1. Wimbledon - 68
  2. Egham - 64
  3. Guildford - 62
  4. Streatham - 50
  5. Brighton and Hove - 44
  6. Morley Blades - 24

Guildford fencers:
Photo 1.  Antoine, Tonya, Dan and Simon
Photo 2.   Owen, Niki, Aaron, Chris, Hector, Gaurav and Simon

The day was finished off for Guildford by a visit to the Ember Inn in Ashtead followed by a curry.

  1. Clockwise from left:  Dan, Meena, Rakash, Aaron, Trevor, Tim Gaurav and Hector
  2. Chandni, Chris and Owen    

Winton 8th and 9th April, 2006

Chris and Meg Schofield were part of the South-East Team who were placed third.

Cadet Winton - 17th and 18th December, 2005

Three Guildford fencers were selected for the team for the South-East. Gareth Thomas (epée), Chris Schofield (sabre) and Verity Ridgeon (sabre). The South-East came third overall behind the North-West and the winners the South-West. The South-East won the inidividual men's foil and men's epée. Neale Thomas had a double success as not only his son Gareth but Aaron Gardner who he also coaches at Tiger Swords were part of the winning men's epée team.

Barwell Cup - 11th December, 2005

Guildford entered three teams: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The Guildford Fencers and results were:

Alpha Third  
Sabre Aaron Lewis Runner-up  men's sabre (after a barrage with Robert of Wimbledon which Aaron lost 14-15.)
Epée Simon Pearson Joint third with Elaine Buzwell of Wimbledon.
Women's Foil Niki Lewis Third
Men's Foil Phil Fenn Sixth


Beta Seventh
Sabre Owen Gough Joint-sixth with David from Southside
Epée Tim Schofield Seventh
Women's Foil Alice Merry Seventh
Men's Foil Chris Hider Seventh


Gamma Sixth
Sabre Antoine Ubaghs Joint fourth with Dave of Streatham B
Epée Andrew McNeil Fifth
Women's Foil Tonya Cheatham Joint fourth with Nathalie of Streatham C
Men's Foil Chris Weeks Joint tenth with Terrence of Epsom B

Of course, the three Guildford teams got to fence each other so the photos are of some of these encounters.

Photos, from left to right:
Chris Hider fencing Gaurav Gupta (fencing for Epsom A)
Niki Lewis fencing Alice Merry
Antoine Ubaghs in a close encounter with Owen Gough
Andrew McNeil versus Simon Pearson
Tim Schofield versus Simon.

Full Results

  1. Wimbledon A        32 points
  2. Streatham A          31 points
  3. Guildford A           28 points
  4. Streatham B          25 points
  5. Wimbledon B        24 points
  6. Guildford C           19 points
  7. Guildford B           17 points
  8. Steatham C           16 points
  9. Epsom A               13 points
  10. Southside               12 points
  11. Epsom B                 3 points

Guildford v Egham - 4th November, 2005

This a was a splendid evening with Egham bringing four teams and a very welcome extra box. There were six matches in all. Fenced in a very friendly but competitive way, all matches, with the exception of the A sabre match were extremely close. Many thanks to Conrad, Anita Thomas, Tim Schofield, Simon Pearson, Phil Fenn and Carl Morris for their help in refereeing.


Egham Junior Foil beat Guildford Junior Foil - 45 - 40

Conrad referees the Junior Foilists.  Gaurav on right in the first photo.  The second photo is of  Gemma of Egham (on left) fighting Hector.

Guildford A Sabre beat Egham Sabre 45 - 20  
Egham beat Guildford B Sabre 45-41  

In the photo on the left Chris of Guildford A is fighting Andy fencing for Egham.   Andy is on the right.

In the second photo, Antoine Ubaghs of Guildford B is on the left, watched by a crowd of interested Guildford and Egham fencers.

Guildford A Epée beat Egham Epée  45 - 41
Guildford B Epée beat Egham Epée 40 - 37
Egham Foil beat Guildford Foil 45 - 40

On the far right, Vilya Harvey fences for the Guildford A Epéeists. Near right, Simon Pearson referees with Chris Hider fencing for Guildford on left.

The number of matches being drawn with three wins apiece, the total numbers of hits  was: Guildford  251 - Egham  233. Guildford therefore won by 22 points, thanks mainly to Guildford A's sabreurs' very fine result.

Guildford A Sabreurs: Steve Pope, Chris Schofield and Aaron Lewis
Guildfod B Sabreurs: Antoine Ubaghs, Daniel Brooks, Tonya Cheatham and Niki Lewis
Guildfofrd A Epéeists: Tim Schofield, Vilya Harvey and Gareth Thomas
Guildford B Epéeists: Neale Thomas, Simon Pearson and David Hydes
Guildford Foilists: Chris Hider, Chris Weeks and Rakash Gupta
Guildford Junior Foilists: Gaurav, Hector, Emily and James 

Egham Sabruers: Andy Reynolds, Jo and Luke
Egham Epéeists: Tanya Cooke, Ingrid Sallons and Nick
Egham Foilists:  Natalie Atkins, Sophie Cope and David Neames
Junior Foilists:  Fergus, Theo and Gemma

Report by Julie Schofield
Photos copyright Julie Schofield

Lansdowne v Guildford - 11th September, 2005

Guildford were invited to visit Lansdowne on Sunday, 11th September by an ex-Guildford fencer, Nicholas Mackay.  Lansdowne have an original fencing salle in the basement of their prestigious Club in Mayfair.  The Club was formed as a Sports Club in around 1930.  Small but beautifully formed, the Salle had room for only  three  pistes but with proper electric pistes, these were a great treat to use.  The match was epée and foil as, unfortunately, Lansdowne were not able to field a sabre team..  (Photo on left shows Guildford practising before the match.  Vilya and Alec are on the far piste, Chris is on the middle piste on the left and Tony is on the right on the closest piste.)

Guildford's foilists, pictured right, were from left to right: Rakash Gupta, Chris Hider, and Tony Palmer.

The three Lansdowne fencers were Dave, Janice and Nicholas, our host.

It was great to see Chris fencing again after his return from a long bout of illness.   Chris coming back on top form and fighting fit.

All three Guildford fencers fought well,  The scores were neck and neck for the first five bouts but Janice proved too strong for Rakash and Landowne built up a lead from that point, finishing comfortably ahead on 45 points to 38, despite Chris beating Nicholas 6 points to 5 in the final fight.  

Guildford's epéeists, pictured left, were from left to right:
Alec Johnson, Andrew McNeil and Vilya Harvey.  

They fenced Lucinda, Paul and Dean of Lansdowne.

Guildford won all 9 bouts, running out comfortable winners 45 points to 28.  

Foil continued to demonstrate how slow it has become, compared to the other two weapons, the epéeists having time to nearly complete another match whilst waiting for the foilists to finish.  

Lansdowne entertained Guildford afterwards, considerately organising for the English cricketers to bowl Australia out whilst the fencers relaxed in the bar.  A very enjoyable visit with Nicholas offering a tour of the Club to the Guildford fencers which was taken up by Vilya, Alec, Tim and Julie.

Honours even, Guildford won a very close match by 10 points - 83 points to 73. (Tim and Julie Schofield travelled as reserves. Many thanks to Tim for doing the foil refereeing for Guildford.)

We hope to invite Lansdowne for a return match in the Near Year.

Report by Julie Schofield

Egham v Guildford - 19th August, 2005 

Guildford visited Egham on Friday, 19th August. The Egham fencers are a likeable bunch. And Egham is a really nice club with some good fencers too. Everyone was fencing to the best of their ability, but was still able to joke around and relax - and that's just the way it should be!  The match was very well fought and great fun, fenced in a very jovial and friendly atmosphere.

The Guildford foil team was Tim Schofield, Colin Towers and Rakash Gupta - Colin and Rakash are novices having only fenced for less than a year. Despite this, the foil team put up a gallant effort against a much more experienced team in Derek Freeborn, Sophie Cope and Peter Pope of Egham. Guildford lost 25 hits to 45. Peter Pope recalled that he used to fence at Guildford in the 1980s and reintroduced himseslf to Tim. The Guildford Epée team was Vilya Harvey, Meg Schofield and Andrew McNeil.  They took on Ingrid Sallons, Tanya Cooke and Jez Smith. Meg was definitely the star of the team which was ironic, since she'd asked to be put on first as the team bunny. Vilya comments that all Andy and he had to do was hang on and make sure they didn't concede too many points. Guildford won 45-34.

Guildford's sabre team of Aaron and Niki Lewis and Phil Shepherd-Foster were too strong for Egham (Vinnie, Chris Hobbs & Mick Johnson) and won their match 45 to 24, despite Phil succumbing to the moppet factor by dropping 7 points to 5 against an epéeist.

The Guildford Fencers appreciated being able to hang around and fence their guys some more after the match.  This was followed by a  convivial visit to the bar.

Guildford won a close match overall by 115 points to 103.

Guildford are hoping to host a return match on November 4th.

Report by Vilya Harvey, Tim Schofield and Phil Shepherd-Foster

Bowden Cup - Team Event.  31st July, 2005 - Click here for full results

Guildford hosted the first running of  the new Bowden Cup on Sunday, 31st July at St. Peter's School in Merrow. The Bowden Cup was originally donated to Guildford  by the late Charles Bowden, a former Guildford fencer. A new trophy, the Guildford Chalice, was also presented by Guildford for the highest placed mixed team. Eleven of the twelve teams competed on the day. Wrekin B having to unfortunately withdraw at the last minute due to family illness. 

Teams consisted of three fencers - a foilist, an epéeist and a sabruer. There was an individual poule unique round held in the morning. Sabre was, as usual, finished well before the other two weapons - despite being held on only two pistes.  Epée was a close second but, as in many competitions recently, foil took much longer, despite, as epée, being held over three pistes. Most of us had a good break for lunch but Simon Pearson, who was in charge of the computer, only had time for a quick 'fag break' before the team event in the afternoon.

The event was appropriately won by 'The Old Guard' of Guildford who beat Wimbledon 30 hits to 27 in a tense and exciting final.   The Old Guard' team was Simon Pearson (epée), Phil Fenn (foil) and Steve Pope (sabre).  Simon and Phil, as many of us are aware, are long standing members of Guildford, having fenced at Guildford since the 1980s. Steve has fenced at the Club since the late 1990s. The final was fenced foil, epée, sabre. Phil statred out with a 4-0 lead but Tarenn Teller of Wimbledon came back fighting to level the score.  Guildford took a small lead into the epée round with Simon Pearson next to fight against Tim Buzwell. (See left - Tim Buzwell on the left and Simon Pearson on the right - Steve Pope watches on in the foreground.) This proved a tight and close fight. Only the computer programme had been able to separate Steve Pope and Robert Longson in the individual round in the morning so a close fight was expected in the final round and so it proved.  Steve kept ahead and the final score was 30 hits to 27.  Wimbledon won the Guildford Chalice as the highest placed mixed team.

The fight off for third place was an equally tense affair. PMT, a combined team from Guildford and Nottingham University beating a young team from Wrekin 30 hits to 28. PMT were a family team, Meg being Tim's daughter and Phil her fiancé.  Meg Schofield fenced foil; Tim Schofield fenced epée and Phil Shepherd-Foster fenced sabre.  (See picture to right of  Ed Hill on the left against Meg Schofield in the fight for third place.)

The individual foil was won by Nick Fihosy of Salle Joseph, epée by Tim Buzwell of Wimbledon and sabre by Stephen Moore of Team Ugly.  Highest placed lady in the foil was Dawn Townsend of Morley Blades, in the epée Suse Wesley of Team Ugly and in the sabre Tonya Cheatham of Team 8 (Guildford).

Many thanks to the following: Ian Biggs of PBT who generously loaned the 8 boxes for the Tournament,  (this meant that sabre and foil could be run using new timings) and made life considerably easier for our armourers - it also made it possible to run 8 pistes thereby considerably quickening up the timing of the individual epée and foil rounds; Niki Lewis for engraving the individual awards and together with Aaron Lewis and Ros Hull doing the main part of the refereeing; Julie Schofield for presenting the glasses and organising the competition;  Simon Pearson for organising the computer programme and handling results on the day, a truly thankless task; Tony Palmer for organising refreshments, despite it being his wife's birthday and Tony Lane and Richard Hall for laying out the pistes.

A short report of the tournament was published in the Surrey Advertiser, 5th August.

Team results:

  1. The Old Guard (Guildford)(Steve Pope, Simon Pearson andPhil Fenn) - see right.
  2. Wimbledon (Tarenn Teller, Robert Longson and Tim Buzwell) - see below right.
  3. PMT (Guildford/Nottingham University) (Tim Schofield, Meg Schofield and Phil Shepherd-Foster)
  4. Wrekin (Ed Hill, Mark Wood, Nick Charles)
  5. Team Ugly (Ros Hull, Suse Wesley, Steve Moore)
  6. Salle Joseph (Nick Fihosy, Ayano Sugiyama, James Shaw)
  7. Team 8 (Guildford) (Antoine Ubaghs, Daniel Brooks, Tonya Cheatham)
  8. Abingdon (George Ashley, Tim Dyer, Nick Battam)
  9. Morley Blades (Dawn Townsend, David Bilic, Karen Birkenholzer)
  10. Brize Norton (Jim Brown, Neville Bo, Rob Desforges)
  11. Mixed Vintage (Guildford) (Richard Hall, Julie Schofield, Tony Lane)

Report by Julie Schofield
Photographs copyright Tim and Julie Schofield


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