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GFC Team Competition Results 2006-2007

This page gives the results for fencers from Guildford Fencing Club for the fencing year 2006/2007. For results from other years, click here.


Photos of the Bowden Cup in 2007 have been moved here.

Previous Winners

Year Bowden Cup Guildford Chalice
2005 The Old Guard Wimbledon
2006 The Sleepy Heads Wimbledon
2007 The Sleepy Heads Wimbledon Wombledon

2007 Individual Results


1 Gareth Thomas Sleepy Heads
2 Grant Smith Saxon Huscarls
3 Simon Pearson Mixed Vintage
4 Tim Schofield RTM
5 Harry Guilliver Abingdon
6 Simon White Wimbledon Wombles
7 Kim Ming Looi Saxon Fyrd
8 Antoine Ubaqhs Two Sabruers and a Foilist Walk Into a Bar
9 Julianne Paterson Wimbledon Wombledon
10 Kirsty Macdonald RKD
11 Kaized Tarapore Egham


1 Paul Lowen Saxon Huscarls
2 Tom Rowles Wimbledon Wombles
3 Gaurav Gupta Sleepy Heads
4 Mike Thomas Saxon Fyrd
5 Alwyn Coates Wombledon
6 Rakash Gupta RKD
7 John Borridge Egham
8 Matthew Epplett RTM
9 Chris Weeks Mixed Vintage
10 Martin Carter Abingdon
11 Chandni Gupta Two Sabreurs and a Foilist Walk Into a Bar


1 Cris Schofield Sleepy Heads
2 Nick Battam Abingdon
3 Tonya Cheatham Two Sabreurs and a Foilist Walk Into A Bar
4 Teresa Miarka Wiimbledon Wombledon
5 Jim Hamilton Wimbledon Wombles
6 Daniel Brooks RKD
7 Richard Hall Mixed Vintage
8 Simon Whitaker Saxon Huscarls
9 Rachael Lewis RTM
10 Stan Hansen Egham
11 Andrew Ashmore Saxon Fyred

Team Results

1 The Sleepy Heads
2 The Wimbledon Wombles
3 The Saxon Huscarls
4 Abingdon
5 Wombledon - Guildford Chalice winners
6 Mixed Vintage
8 Saxon Fyrd
10 Two Sabruers and a Foilist Walk into a Bar
11 Egham

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