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Guildford Fencing Pictures 2003/2004

These are pictures of fencers from Guildford Fencing Club in the 2003-2004 season. Click on a picture for a larger image!

Hampshire Open

These pictures were taken at the Hampshire Open competition on 21 February 2004. Sorry about the residual colour cast to the photos - it actually was a very coloured artificial light in the hall, and I've already corrected them heavily.

Click here Click here Chris Hider fencing Jim Whelan and Paul Drew
Click here Vilya fencing Janathan Eyre
Click here Aaron and Daniel were drawn to fence against each other in the DE
Click here Click here Click here Chris Schofield in the pools, fencing Martin Cocks in the rounds, and fencing Carl Morris in the last 16
Click here Nikki Lewis fencing Dawn Townsend
Click here Click here Tonya fencing Helen Drew
Click here A group photo of Guildford fencers at the Hampshire

Club Handicap Competition

These pictures were taken at the Club Handicap competition finals in St Peter's sports hall on 12 December 2003.

Click here Vilya refereeing a fight: only Ari is in shot. Sam, Tony and Antoine look on
Click here Tim Harris and Tonya fencing, with Daniel refereeing
Click here Richard refereeing a fight. I'm afraid I'm not sure who is fencing!
Click here On the right-hand piste, Vilya and Chris Hider fencing, with Tim Harris refereeing. Does anyone recognise the fencers on the left-hand piste?
Click here Tonya with the trophy. Note the laptop in the background that made the scoring system work

Behind the Scenes

Click here The masks dry out after a quick clean.
Click here Tim Harris sweeps the last specks of dust away after Tony has installed the new cupboards. (Copyight Tony Palmer)
Click here Tim and Julie Schofield stand in fron of the van that Tony used to bring the half-assembled cupboards in. (Copyight Tony Palmer). Many thanks to Soonest Express for the loan of the van!

Club Foil Competitions

Click here Jenna Hardy fences Tonya Cheatham in the poule for the Club Ladies Foil competition. Referee Chris Schofield; in the foreground Alice Merry, eventual third place winner, looks on.
Click here Click here Jenna Hardy and Alice Merry receiving their medals for the Ladies Foil competition.
Click here The medal holders from the Club Ladies Foil - Tonya Cheatham (left), Jenna Hardy and Alice Merry
Click here Phil Fenn scores a hit on Vilya Harvey during the Club Men's Foil competition
Click here A fight in the Club Men's Foil competition, Phil Fenn refereeing.
Click here Click here Phil Fenn receives the gold medal and trophy for the Club Mens Foil competition from the chairman, Tim Schofield
Click here The medal holders from the Club Mens Foil - James Frost (left), Phil Fenn (left-hander), Vilya Harvey.


These pictures were taken under flourescent light. We used a FinePix6900 camera on its 400ASA setting, subsequently processed with the Gimp.

Click here Chris Hider (R) fencing foil at the Shropshire Open. Vilya Harvey is refereeing - by agreement - and Chris Schofield (L) looks on.
Click here Steve Pope collects his silver medal at the Shropshire Open.
Click here Chris Schofield fencing Jacob Cullingham in the poules at the Cadet Nationals in Bolton.

Except where stated, these images are copyright 2003/2004 by Tim and Julie Schofield. Pictures of the Club Mens Foil competition are copyright 2003 by April Whelan.

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