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Guildford Fencing Pictures 2006/2007

These are pictures of fencers from Guildford Fencing Club this season. Click on a picture for a larger image.

Fencing at the Club

Laura fencing Rebecca in the quarter finals of the Novice Foil.
Rakash fencing Rebecca in the final of the Novice Foil
Rakash is presented with the Novice Foil Cup by Julie. Well Done, Rakash.
Fencers competing in the rounds of the Club Foil competition 2007.
A typical night at the club. This picture shows Andy Reynolds coaching the Beginners class, with Trevor giving a sabre lesson and a sabre bout in progress in the background.
The junior and junior intermediate classes in the club.
These pictures were taken during filming at Guildford Fencing Club for an episode of the BBC's "CBBC" programme in 2006.



These pictures were taken at the Bowden competition in July 2007. The Bowden Cup is a 3-weapon mixed team competition run by Guildford Fencing Club each year.

Chris scores a hit against Andrew Ashmore of Saxon Fyrd's in the individual round. Chris won all his ten matches to win the Individual Sabre. Kim Ming Looi also of Saxon Fyr'ds watches on. Chris won this fight by 5 hits to 1.

Jim Hamilton of Wimbledon Wombles watches on as Christopher Weeks of Mixed Vintage(on the left) fights Tom of Wimbleon Wombles. Tom went on to be second in the Individual Foil and beat Chris by 5 hits to 3 in this fight.
Tim Schofield of RTM scores a hit against Gareth of the Sleepy Heads. Gareth beat Tim 5 hits to 2. Gareth went on to win the Individual Epée, losing only to Grant Smith of Saxon Huscarls by 3 hits to 5.
In the team event, the two semi-finals were fought simultaneously with Abingdon facing the Sleepy Heads and Wimbledon Wombles facing the Saxon Huscarls. Martin Carter of Abindon fences Gaurav of the Sleepy heads on the left whilst Grant Smith of Saxon Huscarls faces Simon White (I believe Simon is on the left here). The Sleepy Heads beat Abingdon by 30 hits to 14; whilst the Wombles beat the Huscarls by 30 hits to 19.
Paul Lowen of the Saxon Huscarls prepares to fight the second fight in the fight off for third place against Martin Carter of Abingdon. The Saxon Huscals won by 30 hits to 27 in a close match. Guildford were fortunate to be offered the use of an electric piste by PBT UK. The piste, as you can see here, was used for some of the finals.
Gareth of the Sleepy Heads prepares to start the first fight of the final against Simon White. Gareth soon established an early lead which Chris and Gaurav then capitalised on.

Tonya Cheatham receives her goblet from Julie Schofield. Tonya came 3rd in the individual sabre.

Gaurav receives his prize for coming third in the individual foil.
Nick Battam was second the individual sabre
Gareth wins the individual Epée
Ian Briggs of PBT UK presents the Guildford Chalice to Wimbledon Wombledon who came fifth overall but were the highest placed mixed team. This means that Wimbledon retains the trophy for the third year in succession.
The Saxon Huscarls
The Sleepy Heads
The Saxons - with thanks to Grant Smith for this image, much better quality than the one we had before!
Photo (c) Grant Smith 2007

Guildford Fencers at External Competitions

Verity (on right) in the poule round at Camden. She finished in 2nd place.
Surrey Foil - Roger Barnes presents Gaurav with his trophy for second place.
Surrey Foil - Harry, Hector and Gaurav
LPJS - Coventry - 11th March. Jessica won the U11 Girls Sabre and Verity won the U15 Girls Sabre!
Surrey Individual Epée and Sabre - 11th February, 2007. Natasha from Redhill wins the Ladies Epée.
Surrey Individual Epée and Sabre. Ellie from Redhill and Guildford was second.
Surrey Individual Epée and Sabre. Claire from Kingston won the Ladies Sabre - here Tim Schofield, organiser of the competition presents Claire with the Cup
Surrey Individual Epée and Sabre. Niki from Guildford was second
Alec, formerly Guildford but now at London Thames, was second in the Surrey Men's Epée
Guildford came first and second in the Surrey Men's Sabre. Steve taking first place and Aaron second.
Clive of Kingston and Jim of Wimbledon took third place in the Surrey Men's Sabre
Chris joined Steve and Aaron to make up the victorious Sabre Team in the Surrey Sabre.
Congratulations to Verity Ridgeon for winning bronze medal at the Slough Open in the women's sabre.
Photos (c) Nigel Ridgeon 2007
Elaine Buzwell presents Steve Pope with the sabre prize at the Wimbledon Invitation Team Competition
The Egham team at the WICT. Guildford fencers Niki and Julie can be seen - they were recruited to fill some spare places on the day.
Niki (L) in a bout against Aeysha at the WICT

Except where stated, these images are copyright 2006/2007 by Tim and Julie Schofield.

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