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GFC Club Results 2005-2006

This page gives the results for fencers from Guildford Fencing Club for the fencing year 2005/2006. For results from other years, click here

Adult Club Competitions are open to all fully paid up Club Members who are over 13 at the start of the relevant term.  From September full kit must be worn to competition statndard - i.e.

If any doubt about the suitability of  your kit please speak to one of the Coaches before fencing in the event. 
Please note This standard will be mandatory for all Club fencing on the electric pistes from 1st, January 2006 for all fencers at the 7.30 sessions.

Entry forms for all competitions are available from Julie Schofield, Match Secretary..  Click here for contact details

Click here to see dates and results of club competitions.

Master at Arms - (the trophy for Best Overall fencer) -

Awarded to the Club Fencer with the highest aggregate score from the Club's main competitions - Foil, Epée and Sabre. Men's or Women's Foil is currently counted separately. 

Master of Arms.

Congratulations to Steve for winning the Master of Arms.  Although Steve did not take part in the Club Foil, he won both the Club Epée and Club Sabre to triumph overall.

Club Foil (Mixed) - 30th September and 7th October, 2005

The pool round of the Club Foil was held on the 30th September and attracted 13 entrants.  There were two pools, one of six and one of seven.  In Pool 1,  Phil Fenn won all his matches, Gaurav Gupta giving him the most trouble, Phil finally winning 5 points to 4.  Chris Weeks also fenced well, only losing to Phil and Gaurav and pipping Gaurav for second place, both finishing on 4 victories each.  In Pool 2 the Ketley boys both fenced well with Hector winning all his matches and finishing top of the pool and Harry finishing 3rd.   Simon Pearson came the closest to beating Hector, gaining 4 points to Hector's 5.  Simon finished second in the pool.  Many thanks to Niki Lewis, David Hydes and Trevor Langford for refereeing and to Richard Hall for helping to organise on the day.  

Seeding after the Pool Round
Results - Pool One
Results Pool Two

Direct Elimination - 7th October, 2005

Twelve entrants fought it off in the direct elimination round with the withdrawal of John Kidd.  Simon Pearson and Phil Fenn brought their customary determination to the contest, both having won the trophy several times in the past.

The Quarter Finals saw some interesting reversals with Harry Ketley easily
beating the third seed, Christopher Weeks to go through to meet his brother
in the semi-final.  Hector had a much harder fight against Eugene Palmer, defeating him 10 points to 9 after going into the last minute. Tony tells me that Eugene is planning to give up fencing which I think is a great shame as he still shows great talent.  Simon Pearson defeated the number four seed, Gaurav Gupta, by ten points to 3.  Phil defeated the number 8 seed, Dan Daly, 6 points to 0 - the fight going to time. 

Photos:  Niki refereeing the fight between Phil Fenn and Dan Daly in the quarter-finals. (Dan on right).  Niki refereeing the fight between Chris Weeks and Harry Ketley (Crhis on left).

In the semi-finals, Harry defeated his elder brother by 10 points to 6 whilst Simon and Phil met in the other semi final.  Simon was fired up on the night and defeated Phil 10 points to three.  

The final was up to 15 points and Simon won 15 points to 12.  

Well Done Simon.  Emily Harris took the Ladies Trophy.  Congratulations, Emily.

Photo: The final between Simon and Harry - Harry's mother and brother watch closely as Trevor referees.

My thanks go to David Hydes and Niki Lewis for refereeing both the pool rounds and the direct elimination.  Foil is not easy to referee at the best of times and the final rounds were contested fiercely.  Especial thanks go to Clive Galliano for agreeing to referee Simon and Phil's semi-final, always a tricky one,  and to Trevor Langford for refereeing the final and several other fights.

Full results can be found here

Photos:  Simon and Emily with their trophies.

Club One Hit Epée 

11th November, 2005

The entry this year was boosted by the welcome addition of several of the teenage epéeists.

As always a fun event, the final placings were very close with Simon Pearson missing out by only one hit to tie for first place with Tim Schofield and Vilya Harvey.  Tim won the barrage, after a tense fight.  His first ever  victory in the one-hit epée. Congratulations Tim.

Photo - Simon (3rd) Tim (1st) and Vilya (2nd)

Alice did particularly well to tie with Kirsty for highest placed lady fencer.

Full results can be found here

Club Sabre - 13th January, 2006

Eleven fencers competed.  The Competition was run with a seeding round then direct elimination.  Steve Pope and Chris Schofield both won all their fights in their respective poules.  Steve managing the amazing feat of not dropping a hit until meeting Simon Pearson in the L8.  Steve and Chris met in the final with Steve coming out as winner.

Full results can be found here

Club Intermediate Epée - 24th February, 2006

Sixteen fencers competed, including many of Neale's teenage group.  

Congratulations to Josh Collins who defeated Owen Gough in the final.

As with the Sabre, the competition was run with a seeding round then direct elimination.  A fencing packed evening, I would like very much to thank the following for their help in the efficient running of the competition.  First of all, Simon Pearson, for his invaluable help in organising the competition and also helping with the refereeing.  Anita and Neale Thomas, Aaron and Niki Lewis for their help in refereeing. Especially thanks to Niki who not only refereed a round of poule but continued refereeing the direct elimination rounds too. Also thanks to Tony Palmer for laying out the pistes beforehand.

In the poules, Josh Collins and Tony Palmer won all their matches to be placed first and second seeds.

Photo -
Gaurav scoring against Richard in the poule round

  • Josh Collins v. Iain Patterson - Josh won by 10 hits to one.
  • Tony Palmer v. Richard Hall - Tony won by 10 hits to two.
  • Owen Gough v. Rakash Gupta - In a close match, Owen won by 10 hits to 9.
  • Matthew Eplett v. Julie Schofield - Matthew won by 10 hits to two.
  • Michael Chester v. Dominic Everett-Riley - In the only reversal of the round Dominic won by 10 hits to one.
  • David Hydes v. Alex Clayton - David won by 10 hits to 4.
  • Richard Boddington v. Chris Weeks - In a close match, Richard beat Chris by 10 hits to 8.
  • Gaurav Gupta v. Alice Merry - In another close match, Gaurav beat Alice by 10 hits to 8.

Photo - Alex versus Owen in the poule round

The majority of matches were extremely close and there could easily have been another upset in the seeding, however, in the end the top four seeds all came through.

  • Josh Collins v. Gaurav Gupta  - Josh won by 10 hits to 9
  • Matthew Eplett v. Dominic Everett Riley - Matthew won by 10 hits to 6
  • Owen Gough v. David Hydes - The match went to time with Owen winning by 9 hits to 8.
  • Tony Palmer v. Richard Boddington Tony won by 10 hits to 9.


  • Josh Collins v. Matthew Eplett - Josh beat Matthew by 10 hits to 5
  • Tony Palmer v. Owen Gough - Owen defeated Tony by 10 hits to 7

Above Photos (c) Simon Pearson


  • Josh Collins v. Owen Gough - Josh won by 15 hits to 13.
  • Matthew Eplett v. Tony Palmer - Matthew won by 15 hits to 13.


Photo - Owen versus Josh in the final refereed by Simon.  Julie is refereeing the losers final between Tony (not in picture) and Matthew

Photo (c) Tim Schofield

Final Placings

  1. Josh Collins
  2. Owen Gough
  3. Matthew Eplett
  4. Tony Palmer
  5. David Hydes
  6. Rcihard Boddington
  7. Gaurav Gupta
  8. Dominic Everett-Riley
  9. Michael Chester
  10. Alice Merry
  11. Chris Weeks
  12. Alex Clayton
  13. Julie Schofield
  14. Rakash Gupta
  15. Richard Hall
  16. Iain Patterson
Photo  -  Josh receives his gold medal from Neale Thomas

Photo (c) Julie Schofield 

For poule results - click here

Club Epée 

Eighteen fencers took part.  As in the Intermediate Epée there was a seeding round of poules.  In poule two Tim Schofield won all his fights and in poule one Steve Pope and Josh Collins won 4 out of 5.  In poule three Simon Pearson and Richard Boddington won 4 out of 5.

Incomplete L32
Chris Weeks
beat  Julie Schofield 10 hits to 3
Richard Hall lost to Iain Patterson by 10 hits to 8




Bronze Medal Fight
Josh v. Simon in the fight for bronze medal
Final Rankings

  1. Steve Pope
  2. Tim Schofield
  3. Simon Pearson
  4. Josh Collins
  5. John Kidd
  6. Owen Gough
  7. Andy McNeil
  8. Alex Clayton
  9. Richard Boddington
  10. Tony Palmer
  11. Michael Chester
  12. Matthew Eplett
  13. Dominic Riley
  14. Alice Merry
  15. Chris Weeks
  16. Iain Patterson
  17. Richard Hall
  18. Julie Schofield
Steve receives the trophy from Julie
Photos (c) Tony Palmer

Novice Foil (Mixed) - Summer 2006

Ten entrants this year.  The competition was run with two seeding poules of five fencers each followed by direct elimination.  The competition was dominated by the Guptas  with Gaurav and Rakash both heading their respective poules with maximum 4 out of 4 victories each.  Gaurav, conceding only two hits was number one seed with Rakash being ranked second.  After the excellent fencing in the poules, it was fitting that the final was between father and son.  Gaurav was the worthy winner for the second year running. Congratulations! Gaurav, Rakash and Chris will not be eligible for next year's event, having fenced by then for 3 years.  Owen has another year to go.

Photos -


Quarter Finals



Bronze Medal Final

Chris, Gaurav and Rakash with their medals
Many thanks to those  who agreed to referee, namely I couldn't have managed without you.

For the results of the poule rounds please click here

There will be no other Club Competitions this year but I may organise some matches.

Don't forget to get your entry in for the Bowden Cup - entry forms can be downloaded here:

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