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The National Junior Championships 2000

Tim took these pictures at the British Junior championships in October 2000. "Junior" in this sense means "under-20"! Click on the small picture for a larger image.

These pictures were taken with an SLR camera using slide film and scanned in. The scanner has not done justice to the slides and I may get the better ones transferred professionally one day.

Click here Meg Schofield and Katie Dedman shake hands after the final.
Click here Meg is presented with the winner's trophy by last year's champion, Jo Maynard.
Click here Meg and Katie show us their prizes.

The South East Region Championships 2000

These pictures come from the South-East England Regional age-group Championships in the autumn of 2000. Guildford had three medal-winners - gold, silver and bronze - in different age-groups, and other entrants who also did well.

As at the Junior Championships, these pictures were taken on slide film and scanned directly.

Click here All of the competitors. (Large- 181KByte)
Click here Chris Schofield is presented with the silver medal for the under-14 age-group by Keith Smith, the chairman of British Fencing, who helped organise the event.
Click here The three winners from GFC - Stephanie, Chloe and Christopher - with their trophies.

Pictures of the Junior Competition, July 2001

The GFC Junior Competition was held between members of the club in July 2001. It was held in the Cricket Centre sports hall behind George Abbot School, where we have been training for the summer term. It was excellent to have so much space.

Click on the small picture for a larger image. These pictures were taken with a Kodak digital camera. Tim is using a new format for the small pictures (PNG instead of GIF) - if your browser refuses to load them, please tell him.

Click here Cameron (L) and Emily, from the six-week course. Lunge and parry quarte
Click here Tim refereeing Tristan (L) and Sam, while an anxious David Cole watches Cameron on the next piste. (Large- 109KByte)
Click here Tim modelling the new club T-shirt while an unorthodox attack starting with a parry takes place on the piste - mercifully it's all rather blurred.
Click here James Frost (L) fencing Christopher Schofield, with Ben refereeing. Michael Walker is looking on from behind Ben. (Or click here for a much larger version - 121Kbyte).
Click here A later move in the same fight. Alex and Chloe are watching on the right. (Or click here for a much larger version - 123Kbyte).
Click here Diane refereeing; Ben is refereeing another piste on the right. I can make out Anna Walker at the far end of the piste, and Daniel Stranger is fencing at that end; who is fencing at this end, though?
Click here Two fights by junior beginners.
Click here A creditable attack and parry from fencers who have only been fencing two terms.
Click here The winner - Tom, a guest from Wimbledon - gets first choice at the sweets.
Click here Trevor hands Cassie her medal.
Click here Stephanie shows us the Girls U13 winner's medal.
Click here Edmund shows us his medal.
Click here Derek refereeing two beginners. They seem to have learned to watch the box early. And what is Tony trying to rescue in the background?
Click here A group picture of the usual suspects.
Click here Two referees (Derek and Tim), no doubt discussing the finer points of the rules after the competition. (Or click here for a much larger version - 112Kbyte).
Click here Two more officials from the match (Meg and Julie), apparently satisfied with a job well done.

All these images are copyright 2001 by Tim Schofield. The pictures of the junior competition are developed from originals by Meg Schofield.

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