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GFC Competition Results 2004-2005

This page gives the results for fencers from Guildford Fencing Club for the fencing year 2004/2005. For results from other years, click here.

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  • Foil
  • Handicap Foil
  • Intermediate Epee
  • Intermediate Foil
  • Intermediate Sabre
  • Novice Foil
  • One Hit Epee
  • Sabre
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  • Barwell Cup Guildford win
  • Surrey Epee
  • Surrey Sabre Guildford win
  • Surrey Foil
  • Wimbledon Invitation
  • Crystal Mixed Team Open
  • White Horse Mixed Team Trophy
  • British National Team Events
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  • University of Surrey v Guildford
  • Guildford v Streatham
  • Guildford v University of Surrey
  • Egham v Guildford - 19th August, 2005 - please contact Julie for further details and if you wish to be part of the team
  • Individual Results

    Richard Austin Jenny Austin Guy Bonnefoy Daniel Brooks Tonya Cheatham Conrad Cotton-Barratt
    Jonathan Eden Phil Fenn James Frost Owen Gough Gaurav Gupta Jenna Hardy
    Emily Harris Vilya Harvey Richard Hall Chris Hider S Jaya1ath Alec Johnson
    Harry Ketley Tony Lane Aaron Lewis Niki Lewis Kirsty Macdonald Andrew McNeil
    Sebastian Mansley Alice Merry Iain Patterson Simon Pearson Steve Pope Verity Ridgeon
    Colin Towers Chris Schofield Julie Schofield Tim Schofield Gareth Thomas Neale Thomas
    Rebecca Thomas Antoine Ubaghs Christopher Weeks Simon Wood Thomas Woodcock Mike Yeomans


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    Results up to Norfolk Open. If you have any missing results, please email Julie.

    Congratulations to:

  • Congratulations to Niki and Aaron Lewis who got a matched paid of third places at the Norfolk Open in the Women's and Men's Sabre respectively.
  • Tonya Cheatham and Kirsty Macdonald for making the top 50 in ladies sabre and ladies epee respectively.
  • Neale Thomas and to Verity Ridgeon for their third places in the Bill Hoskyns Epee Open and the BYC's U12 Sabre respectively.
  • Aaron and Niki Lewis for their results at the Viking and Cole Cups. Especial congratulations to Niki for coming second in the final rankings for the Coup du Nord Women's Sabre. Aaron was 6th in the Men's final rankings. Well done. Also congratulations to Kirsty Macdonald and Chris Schofield for their results at the Cole Cup. Guildford came joint third in the sabre team competition on the Sunday, Aaron, Chris and Daniel.
  • Kirsty Macdonald for coming joint third in the Ladies Epee at the Isle of Wight.
  • Tim, Meg and Christopher Schofield for coming second in the Crystal Mixed Team event. Chris also won the individual sabre and Tim was second in the individual epee.
  • Conrad Cotton-Barrett for his joint 3rd place in the Arnold LPJS Under 15 Boys Epee
  • Steve Pope for his victory in the sabre at the Wimbledon Invitation
  • Verity Ridgeon for her joint 3rd place in the Camden LJPS Under 13 Girls Sabre, Tameside LJPS Under 13 Girls Sabre and Coventry LJPS Under 13 Girls Sabre.
  • Chris Schofield for his 3rd place at the Invicta Sabre Open, 5th place at the Nottingham Sabre Open and for his performance for the England U18 Boys Sabre Team and the Surrey Men's Sabre Team at the Excalibur. Surrey won overall and came first in the men's sabre.
  • Aaron Lewis for his 5th place at the Plymouth Sabre Open and his 7th place at the Copenhagen Coup du Nord. Aaron was also part of the winning UK1 Sabre team.
  • Gaurav Gupta for his 2nd place in the Surrey Intermediate Foil.
  • Rebecca Thomas for winning the U13 Girls Epee at the West Dorset Leon Paul Junior Series to add to her victory at the Whitgift LPJS Epee U13 victory in December.

    Rankings updated for July.

    Richard Austin (Musketeer)

    Surrey Boys U14 Epee = Joint 3rd

    Whitgift LPJS Epee U13 Boys = 3rd

    Tiger Swords over 13 Boys - Winner (Fencing for Lanesborough)

    Jenny Austin (Cadet)

    Surrey Mixed U16 Epee = 13th

    South East Qualifier for Nationals, U16 Girls Epee = 7th

    Guy Bonnefoy (Musketeer)

    Tiger Swords Under 13 - 14th

    Daniel Brooks (fencing for Surrey University)

    Hamlet Sabre Open = 79th

    Essex Open Sabre = 16th

    Leicester Open Sabre = 76th

    Leicester Open Epee = 103rd

    Welsh Open Sabre = 64th

    Welsh Open Foil = 97th

    BUSA Men's Sabre = 18th

    Cambridge Winter Tournament = 8th

    Slough Open Sabre = 33rd

    Surrey Men's Sabre = 13th

    Hampshire Open Sabre = 16th

    Ridley Martin Sabre = 26th

    Cole Cup Men's Sabre (Coup du Nord) = 50th

    British National Championships Sabre = 116th

    Current Sabre Ranking 111th

    Current Foil Ranking 530th

    Tonya Cheatham (Novice)

    Leicester Open Women's Sabre = 29th

    Hereford & Worcester Women's Sabre = 40th

    Cambridge Winter Tournament = 7th

    Slough Open Women's Sabre = 35th

    Surrey Women's Sabre = Joint Third

    Hampshire Open Sabre = 15th

    Invicta Open Sabre = 6th

    Birmingham International - Women's Sabre = 16th

    British National Championsips Women's Sabre = 57th

    Current Sabre Ranking 50th

    Conrad Cotton-Barratt (Cadet) (fencing for Woking)

    British Youth Championships - Epee U16 - 24th

    Invicta Men's Epee = 62nd

    Surrey Intermediate Epee = 7th

    Arnold LPJS Under 15 Boys Epee = Joint Third

    Warwick LPJS Under 15 Boys Epee = 9th

    Bill Hoskyns Epee Open - 53rd

    British National Championships Epee = 120th

    Current Epee Ranking 289th. Current Junior Ranking 21st. Current Cadet Ranking 18th

    Jonathan Eden (Musketeer)

    Tiger Swords Under 13 = 15th

    Phil Fenn (Veteran)

    Wimbledon Invitation Men's Foil = 6th

    James Frost (Junior - U20)

    Owen Gough (Junior - Under 20)

    Ridley Martin Men's Sabre = 22nd

    British National Championships Sabre = 57th

    Current Sabre Ranking 226th

    Gaurav Gupta (Musketeer)

    South East Boys U14 Foil = 14th

    Surrey Boys U14 Foil = Joint 3rd

    Premier Foil Series, Round 1, U14 Boys = 8th

    Premier Foil Series, Round 2, U14 Boys = 12th

    Premier Foil Series, Round 3, U14 Boys = 9th

    Premier Foil Series, Round 4, U14 Boys = 8th

    Public School Championships, U14 Boys Foil - 10th

    Eton LPJS, Boys U15 Foil = 7th

    Surrey Intermediate Foil = Runner Up

    Portsmouth LPJS U15 Foil = 11th

    Richard Hall

    Leicester Open Sabre = 86th

    Leicester Open Epee = 154th

    Cambridge Winter Tournament Sabre = 22nd

    Cambridge Winter Tournament Foil = 46th

    Slough Open Sabre = 65th

    Surrey Men's Sabre = 11th

    Hampshire Open Sabre = 28th

    Surrey Intermediate Foil = 7th

    Ridley Martin Sabre = 37th

    Jenna Hardy (Cadet)

    Surrey Mixed Epee U16 = 11th

    Whitgift LPJS Epee U15 Girls = 3rd

    Tiger Swords Over 13 Girls = Joint Third

    Emily Harris (Musketeer)

    Surrey Girls Foil U14 = 8th

    Eton LPJS - Under 15 Girls = 11th

    Vilya Harvey

    Shropshire Open Foil = 21st

    Shropshire Open Epee = 42nd

    Sussex Open Foil = 64th

    Sussex Open Epee = 37th

    Welsh Open Epee = 52nd

    Sir William Perkins Epee = 6th

    Hereford & Worcester Open Epee = 129th

    Cambridge Winter Tournament Epee = 28th

    Aldershot Open Epee = 40th

    Slough Open Epee = 108th

    Surrey Men's Epee = 15th

    Hampshire Men's Foil = 18th

    Nottingham Men's Epee = 39th

    Invicta Open Men's Epee = 36th

    Surrey Men's Novice Epee = Winner

    Surrey Men's Intermediate Epee = Runner Up

    Wimbledon Invitation Foil (fencing for Streatham B) = 9th

    Isle of Wight Men's Foil = 61st

    Isle of Wight Men's Epee = 9th

    Bill Hoskyns Epee Open - 34th

    Current Epee Ranking 123rd

    Current Foil Ranking 249th

    Chris Hider

    Shropshire Open Foil = 29th

    Surrey Men's Intermediate Foil = 11th

    Current Foil Ranking 369th

    S Jaya1ath

    Hamlet Sabre Open = 44th

    Leicester Open Sabre = 71st

    Slough Open Sabre = 42nd

    Surrey Men's Sabre = 6th

    Hampshire Open Sabre = 14th

    Wimbledon Invitation Sabre = 5th

    Current Sabre Ranking 147th

    Alec Johnson (fencing for Oxford University)

    Surrey Men's Intermediate Epee = Winner

    Wimbledon Invitation Epee - 6th

    Current Epee Ranking 258th

    Harry Ketley (Musketeer)

    Premier Foil Series, Round 1, Boys U14 = 9th

    Premier Foil Series, Round 4, Boys U14 = 9th

    Tony Lane (Novice)

    Slough Open Sabre = 54th

    Surrey Men's Sabre = 12th

    Hampshire Open Sabre = 32nd

    Crystal Mixed Team - Individual Sabre - 11th

    Aaron Lewis

    Hamlet Sabre Open = 46th

    Essex Open Sabre = 5th

    Amsterdam Coup du Nord Sabre = 29th

    Leicester Open Sabre = 46th

    Welsh Open Sabre = 13th

    Hereford & Worcester Open Sabre = 35th

    South East Region Sabre = 3rd

    Copenhagen Coup du Nord Sabre = 7th

    Copenhagen Coup du Nord Sabre Team = Winner

    Plymouth Open Sabre = 5th

    Slough Open Sabre = 39th

    Surrey Men's Sabre = 7th

    Hampshire Open Sabre = 9th

    Edinburgh Coup du Nord Men's Sabre = 18th

    Birmingham International Men's Sabre = 82nd

    Ridley Martin Sabre = 9th

    Helsinki Coup Du Nord - Men's Sabre = 10th

    Viking Cup, Reykjavik, Iceland, (Coup du Nord) - Men's Sabre = 6th

    Cole Cup, Gateshead, (Coup du Nord) - Men's Sabre = 43rd

    British National Championships, Men's Sabre = 46th

    Norfolk Open - Men's Sabre Joint Third

    Current Sabre Ranking 45th

    Coup du Nord Final Rankings Men's Sabre - 6th - 46 points

    World Ranking Points =2

    Niki Lewis (fencing for Wimbledon)

    Essex Open Women's Foil = 60th

    Leicester Open Women's Foil = 49th

    Welsh Open Women's Foil = 57th

    Hereford & Worcester Women's Foil - 28th

    South East Region Women's Sabre = 3rd

    Copenhagen Coup du Nord Sabre = 3rd

    Plymouth Open Women's Sabre = 15th

    Slough Open Women's Sabre = 41st

    Surrey Women's Sabre = 6th

    Hampshire Open Sabre = 20th

    Edinburgh Coup du Nord Women's Sabre = 20th

    Surey Women's Intermediate Foil = Winner

    Birmingham International Women's Foil = 49th

    Birmingham International Women's Sabre = 51st

    Surrey Women's Foil = 8th

    Wimbledon Invitation Women's Foil = 7th

    Helsinki Coup Du Nord - Women's Sabre = 6th

    Viking Cup, Reykjavik, Iceland, Coup du Nord - Women's Sabre = 7th

    Viking Cup, Rejykjavik, Iceland, Coup du Nord - Sabre Team = bronze medal

    Cole Cup, Gateshead, Coup du Nord - Women's Sabre = 18th

    British National Championships, Women's Sabre = 65th

    Norfolk Open, Women's Sabre = Joint Third

    Current Foil Ranking 99th

    Current Sabre Ranking 83rd

    Coup du Nord Final Rankings Women's Sabre - 2nd - 56 points

    World Ranking Points = 1

    Kirsty Macdonald

    Bristol Open Women's Foil = 45th

    Bristol Open Women's Epee = 69th

    Shropshire Open Women's Foil = 15th

    Shropshire Open Women's Epee = 12th

    Sussex Open Women's Epee = 10th

    Welsh Open Women's Epee = 23rd

    Welsh Open Women's Foil = 53rd

    Cambridge Winter Tournament Women's Epee = 9th

    Slough Open Women's Foil = 34th

    Slough Open Women's Epee = 29th

    Surrey Women's Epee = 5th

    Hampshire Open Women's Sabre = 11th

    Birmingham International Women's Epee = 31st

    Wimbledon Invitation Women's Foil = 6th

    Ridley Martin Women's Sabre = 24th

    Isle of Wight Women's Epee = Joint third

    Cole Cup, Gateshead, Coup du Nord - Women's Epee = 20th

    British National Championships, Women's Epee = 54th

    Current Epee Ranking 45th

    Current Foil Ranking 78th

    Current Sabre Ranking 99th

    Andrew McNeil (Junior)

    Bristol Open Epee = 140th

    Sussex Open Epee = 33rd

    Leicester Open Epee = 106th

    English Youth Championships U18 Men's Epee = 7th

    Surrey Mixed U18 Epee = 2nd

    Sir William Perkins Epee = 15th

    Hereford & Worcester Open Epee = 129th

    Cambridge Winter Tournament Epee = 31st

    Aldershot Open Epee = 76th

    Sough Open Epee = 113th

    Surrey Men's Epee = 20th

    Invicta Open Epee = 40th

    Surrey Men's Novice Epee = 7th

    Bill Hoskyns Epee Open - 55th

    Current Epee Ranking 192nd

    Sebastian Mansley (Musketeer)

    Surrey Boys U14 Foil - 8th

    Alice Merry (Cadet)

    Surrey Mixed U16 Epee = 12th

    South East Qualifier for Nationals, U16 Girls Epee = 5th

    Whitgift LPJS Epee - U15 Girls = 10th

    Surrey Women's Epee = 10th

    Tiger Swords Over 13 Girls = Joint Third

    Iain Patterson (Cadet)

    Tiger Swords Over 13 Boys = Joint Third

    Simon Pearson (Veteran)

    Surrey Men's Epee = l16

    Wimbledon Invitation Epee = 7th

    White Horse Trophy, Mixed Team Event, Individual Sabre = 6th

    Steve Pope

    Hamlet Open Sabre = 42nd

    Bristol Open Sabre = 45th

    Leicester Open Sabre = 25th

    Welsh Open Sabre = 19th

    South East Region Sabre = 3rd

    Surrey Men's Sabre = Runner Up

    Birmingham International Men's Sabre = 45th

    Wimbledon Invitation Sabre = Winner

    Ridley Martin Sabre = 10th

    British National Championships, Men's Sabre = 28th

    Current Sabre Ranking 44th

    Verity Ridgeon (Musketeer)

    Bolton Cadet Girl's Sabre = 22nd

    British Cadet Championships Girl's Sabre = 19th

    Surrey U14 Mixed Sabre = 7th

    Whitgift LJPS Sabre - U11 Girls = 2nd

    Bristol LPJS Sabre - U13 Girls = 10th

    Camden U13 Girls Sabre = 3rd

    Coventry U13 Girls Sabre = 3rd

    Tameside U13 Girls Sabre = 3rd

    Bristol Cadet Sabre = 18th

    BYC U12 Girls Sabre = Joint Third

    Current Cadet Sabre Ranking 27th - (Cadet Ranking for International Selection 20th)

    Christopher Schofield (Junior - U20)

    Hamlet Open Sabre = 38th

    Esssex Open Sabre = 7th

    Bristol Open Sabre = 79th

    Shropshire Open Sabre = 10th Highest placed Cadet

    Bolton Cadet Sabre = 9th

    British Cadet Championships Sabre = 14th

    British Junior Championships Sabre = 12th

    Leicester Open Sabre = 11th

    Godollo International Cadet = 129th

    English Youth Championships U18 men's sabre = 2nd

    Kenton International Cadet = 67th

    Shakespeare Swords Junior Sabre = 6th

    South East Qualifier for Nationals, U18 Boys Sabre = 2nd Qualified via bye

    Hereford & Worcester Opeb Sabre = 16th

    St. Paul's Junior Sabre = 6th

    Barwell Cup Individual Sabre Trophy = Winner

    South East Region Sabre = Runner Up

    Pisa International Cadet = 45th.

    Slough Open Men's Sabre = 14th

    Surrey Men's Sabre = Joint Third

    British Youth Championships - U18 Sabre = 10th

    Junior Home International - Part of the winning English U18 Men's Sabre team (Anthony Crutchett, Chris Schofield and Henry Gann.) England also won the overall trophy.

    Nottingham Open Men's Sabre = 5th

    Invicta Open Men's Sabre = Joint Third

    Birmingham International Men's Sabre = 23rd

    Crystal Mixed Team Event - Individual Sabre= Winner

    Cole Cup, Gateshead, Coup du Nord - Men's Sabre = 30th

    British National Championships, Men's Sabre = 42nd

    Current Sabre Ranking 32nd - Junior Ranking - 14th

    Julie Schofield (Veteran and Novice)

    Surrey Women's Epee = 12th

    NVA Women's Epee = 17th

    Surrey Women's Novice Epee = 3rd

    Surrey Women's Intermediate epee = Winner

    Crystal Mixed Team - Individual Epee = 11th

    Isle of Wight Women's Epee = 36th

    Isle of Wight Women's Epee plate = Third

    NVA Women's Epee Age Groups, Category 2 = (mixed with Category 3) 5th

    White Horse Trophy, Mixed Team Event, Individual Epee = 8th

    Tim Schofield (Veteran)

    Bristol Open Epee = 185th

    Leicester Open Epee = 93rd

    South East Region Epee = 3rd

    Aldershot Open Epee = 27th

    Slough Open Epee = 44th.

    Surrey Men's Epee = 8th

    Nottingham Open Epee = 17th

    NVA Men's Epee = 25th

    Invicta Open Epee = 23rd

    Wimbledon Invitation Men's Foil = 4th

    Crystal Mixed Team Event - Individual Epee = Runner Up

    European Veteran's Men's Epee, Category 2 = 47th

    Isle of Wight Men's Epee = 23rd

    NVA Men's Epee Age Groups, Category 2 = 7th

    White Horse Trophy, Mixed Team Event, Individual Foil = 5th

    British National Championships, Men's Epee = 103rd

    Current Epee Ranking 111th

    Gareth Thomas (Musketeer)

    English Youth Championships U16 Boys Epee = 5th

    Surrey Mixed U16 Epee = 2nd

    South East Qualifier for Nationals, U16 Boys Epee = 10th

    West Dorset LJPS Epee Boys U15 = 2nd

    Aldershot Open Epee = 63rd

    Slough Open Epee = 93rd

    British Youth Championships - U16 Epee - 15th

    Surrey Men's Novice Epee = Runner Up

    Surrey Men's Intermediate Epee = 5th

    Arnold LPJS Under 15 Boys Epee = 5th

    Warwick LPJS Under 15 Boys Epee = 11th

    Bill Hoskyns Epee Open = 31st

    Current Epee Ranking 245th. Current Cadet Ranking 20th

    Neale Thomas (Veteran)

    Bristol Open Epee = 86th

    Barwell Cup Individual Epee Trohpy = Winner

    NVA Men's Epee = 5th

    European Veteran's Men's Epee, Category 1 = 67th

    NVA Age Groups Category One Epee = 1st

    NVA Agre Groups Category One Sabre = 1st

    Bill Hoskyns Epee Open = Joint Third

    Current Epee Ranking 93rd

    Rebecca Thomas (Musketeer)

    Whitgift LJPS Epee Girls U13 = 1st

    West Dorset LJPS Epee Girls U13 = 1st

    Arnold LJPS Epee Girls U13 = 7th

    Warwick LPJS Epee Girls U13 = 5th

    Tiger Swords Over 13 Girls = Winner

    Colin Towers (Novice)

    Surrey Men's Novice Foil = 16th

    Antoine Ubaghs (Novice)

    Bristol Open Sabre = 81st

    Sussex Open Epee = 56th

    Leicester Open Sabre = 81st

    Leicester Open Epee = 133rd

    Sir William Perkins Epee = 21st

    Hereford & Worcester Open Sabre = 71st

    Cambridge Winter Tournament Sabre = 11th

    Aldershot Open Epee = 85th

    Slough Open Sabre = 46th

    Surrey Men's Sabre = 14th

    Hampshire Open Sabre = 27th

    Invicta Open Sabre = 9th

    Birmingham International Men's Sabre = 103rd

    Current Epee Ranking 413th

    Current Sabre Ranking 173rd

    Christopher Weeks (Novice)

    Surrey Men's Epee = 26th

    Hampshire Open Foil = 59 th

    Surrey Men's Novice Foil = 12th

    Surrey Men's Foil = 20th

    Crystal Mixed Team Event - Individual Foil = 9th

    Simon Wood (Novice)

    Shropshire Open Foil = 48th

    Thomas Woodcock (Musketeer)

    Mike Yeomans (Musketeer)

    Tiger Swords Over 13 Boys - 8th

    Team Results

  • Barwell Cup
  • Surrey Epee
  • Surrey Sabre
  • Surrey Foil
  • Wimbledon Invitational
  • Crystal Mixed Team Open
  • British National Team Events
  • Barwell Cup - 12th December, 2004

    The Barwell Cup was first held in 1952 so we are justifiably rather excited about winning it for the very first time. Guildford A won by one point (30 points) to Wimbledon A's 29. Streatham A was third and Kingston A was fourth. Guildford B was 5th and Guildford C 6th, both ahead of any other B teams. So exceptionally well fought all round. Congratulations to all Guildford fencers and also to Antoine Ubaghs, of Guildford, who fought for Kingston B in the sabre.

    Individual weapon trophies were won by Neale Thomas (Guildford A) and Chris Schofield (Guildford B). Chris tied with Steve Pope (Guildford A) and Murray Morrison (Kingston A) on 8 victories each. Chris beat both Steve and Murray in an exciting and closely fought barrage.

    Teams were:

    Guildford A

    Steve Pope (sabre); Neale Thomas (epee); Phil Fenn (men's foil); Kirsty Macdonald (women's foil)

    Guildford B

    Chris Schofield (sabre); Simon Pearson (epee); Vilya Harvey (men's foil); Niki Lewis (women's foil)

    Guildford C

    S Jaya1ath (sabre); Tim Schofield (epee); Chris Hider (men's foil); Tonya Cheatham (women's foil)

    Surrey Team Epee -

    Guildford A

    Neale Thomas, Simon Pearson, Tim Schofield and Graham Miles (University of London) - Runners Up

    Guildford A were defeated in the final by Redhill and Reigate A - 43-39. Redhill and Reigate A included Chris Howser (the winner of the Surrey Men's Epee and Ben Measure (Runner-Up).

    Guildford B

    Gareth Thomas, Andrew McNeil, Kirsty Macdonald and Julie Schofield - unplaced. Lost 45-40 to Streatham and 45-22 to Redhill & Reigate A

    Surrey Team Sabre -

    Guildford A

    Steve Pope, Chris Schofield, Aaron Lewis and S. Jayalath - Winners

    An exciting final against PCM - (including Clive Galliano winner of the Men's Sabre and Murray Morrison (joint third). Steve Pope, was 7 points adrift at the beginning of the last bout but pulled back 12 points to win 45-43.

    Guildford B

    Daniel Brooks, Tonya Cheatham, Antoine Ubaghs and Niki Lewis - Third

    Guildford C

    Tony Lane, Christopher Weeks and Richard Hall - unplaced.

    Surrey Team Foil -

    Guildford A "Mixed" - Vilya Harvey, Niki Lewis and Kirsty Macdonald, 2nd Mixed Team

    Guildford B "Men's" - Richard Hall, Christopher Weeks and Alp = 4th Poule A/p>

    Wimbledon Invitation -

  • 1. Wimbledon - 88 points
  • 2. Streatham A - 87 points
  • 3. Guildford - 78 points
  • 4. Kingston - 50 points
  • 5. Salle Joseph - 43 points
  • 6. Egham - 41 points
  • 7. Streatham B - 32 points
  • Crystal Mixed Team

  • Team Schofield (Guildford A) - Chris (sabre), Meg (foil) and Tim (epee) = Runners Up
  • Guildford B - Tony Lane, (sabre) Julie Schofield, (epee) and Chris Weeks (foil) = 11th
  • White Horse Mixed Team

  • Guildford Veterans - Simon Pearson (sabre), Tim Schofield (foil) and Julie Schofield (epee) = 7th
  • British National Team Events

  • Guildford A = Men's Sabre = 9th (Steve Pope, Chris Schofield and Aaron Lewis)
  • Guildford B = Men's Sabre = 16th (Dan Brooks, Tony Lane and Aaron Ubaghs)
  • Guildford = Women's Sabre = 14th (Tonya Cheatham, Niki Lewis and Kirsty Macdonald)
  • Redhill & Reigate B = Men's Epee = 15th (Vilya Harvey, Tim Schofield and Gareth Thomas)
  • Friendy Matches

  • University of Surrey v Guildford
  • Guildford v Streatham
  • Guildford v University of Surrey
  • Egham v Guildford - 19th August, 2005
  • University of Surrey v Guildford - 20th January, 2005

    Guildford Fencing Club were invited to fence by the University of Surrey Fencing Club. Four teams events were fought with the Unversity being the overall winners, winning the Novice Foil, Foil and Epee events. Guildford won the Sabre. A fun and good evening and an opportunity for some of our less experienced fencers to take part in competition. All the University novices and three of Guildford's have being fencing only since September. (Christopher Weeks began in September 2003)

    Guildford is hosting a return match on 22nd April, 2005.


    Overall Result - Guildford Fencing Club 137; University of Surrey 176

    Novice Foil - Guildford 43; University 45

    Foil - Guildford 19; University 45

    Epee - Guildford 30; University 45

    Sabre - Guildford 45; University 41

    Guildford Fencing Club

    Novice Foil

    Peter Newall; Kerry Bates; Christopher Weeks and Katherine Croft


    Sam Piper; Tony Palmer; Kirsty Macdonald and Richard Hall


    Antoine Ubaghs; Andrew McNeil; Vilya Harvey and Tim Schofield


    Steve Pope; S Jaya1ath; Aaron Lewis and Tony Lane

    University of Surrey

    Novice Foil

    Matthew Giannotti; Martin Pezet; Kyle Mohamed and Guy Partridge


    Jonathan Clarke; Floris van Swet; James Cannon and Daniel Brooks


    Floris van Swet, Jonathan Clarke, Daniel Brooks and James Cannon


    Jonathan Clarke; Daniel Brooks; Floris van Swet and Guy Partridge

    Many thanks to Daniel and Floris for organising.

    18th March

    Guildford v Streatham

    The results were as follows: Guildford 199 Streatham 168.

    This was fought over 5 separate matches - two sabre, two foil and one epee. Thanks to a strong showing in sabre, Guildford were the winners.

    Epee Guildford's team was Andrew McNeil, Vilya Harvey and Simon Pearson. Reserve was Tim Schofield Streatham were Joel, Cavin and Christopher. Streatham won 45-39 Foil A Guildford's team was Niki Lewis, Chris Hyder and Tony Palmer. Streatham were Martin Green, Hilly and Bob Anderson. Streatham won 45-38 Foil B Guildford's team was Colin Towers, Hector Ketley and Chris Weeks. Streatham were Daniel (from Aldershot), Peter and Aidan. Streatham won 42-32 Sabre A Guildford's team was Antoine Ubaghs, Chris Schofield and S Jayalath. Streatham were Sarah, Colin and Padraig. Guildford won 45-24 Sabre B Guildford's team was Aaron Lewis, Steve Pope and Tonya Cheatham. Streatham were Roger Barnes, Padraig and Richard Hall (Guildford) Guildford won 45-12

    Guildford v University of Surrey - 22nd April

    This was the return fixture. Unfortunately due to time constraints the Foil match had to be abandoned as a draw with the score being University of Surrey 30 points to Guildford's 21. Simon assures me that we would have come back!

    The results were as follows: Guildford - 196 points University of Surrey - 176 points.

    The competition consisted of 5 matches - one sabre, one epee and one foil plus two novice foil. Guildford were victorious in the sabre and epee and the novice foil matches were evenly divided with the foil match, as mentioned above, being declared a draw

    Dan Brooks, Floris Van Swet and Jon (?) fenced all three weapons for the University.


    Guildford (45) v. University of Surrey (37)

    Andrew McNeil, Simon Pearson, Neale Thomas and Vilya Harvey


    Guildford (21) v. University of Surrey (30)

    Daniel Hougham, Vilya Harvey, Hector Ketley and Simon Pearson


    Guildford (45) v. University of Surrey (24)

    Chris Schofield, Steve Pope and Aaron Lewis

    Novice Foil A

    Guildford (45) v. University of Surrey (40)

    Guildford: Kerry Bates, Tony Palmer, Gaurav and Rakash Gupta

    University of Surrey: Ed, Martin and Matt

    Novice Foil B

    Guildford (40) v. University of Surrey

    Guildford: Antoine Ubaghs, Peter Newell, Sam Piper and Colin Towers

    University of Surrey: Guy, Will and Jamie

  • Egham v Guildford - 19th August, 2005

    Club Competition Results 2003/2004

    Master at Arms - (the trophy for Best Overall fencer) - Kirsty Macdonald

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  • Epee
  • Foil
  • Handicap Foil
  • Intermediate Epee
  • Intermediate Foil
  • Intermediate Sabre
  • Novice Foil
  • One Hit Epee
  • Sabre
  • Club Intermediate Foil (Mixed)

    5th November

    Held for the first time. Fenced in three poules and the top 8 went on to direct elimination. Both John and Tony won all their fights in the poules. Berna won the ladies event from an extremely small entry! The top nine will go forward to fence in the Club Foil. Many thanks to all those who helped organise, especially to Diane Austin, Tonya Cheatham, Simon Pearson and S Jaya1ath for refereeing.

    1. John Kidd 2. Tony Palmer =3. Antoine Ubaghs and Simon Wood
    5. Richard Hall 6. Tim Harris 7. Richard Boddington
    8. Eugene Palmer 9. Sam Piper 10. Julien Hartley
    11. Rakash Gupta 12. Berna Duymaz 13. Christopher Weeks
    14. Julie Schofield

    Club Foil (Mixed)

    12th to 19th November

    The first round of the Club Foil was held on the 12th November. The competition was limited to 18 entries and fenced in 3 poules of six fencers. The competition was then run by direct elimination and there was just time to fence an incomplete direct elimination round of 32, with the last four fencers having to fight for the final two places in the last 16. Special congratulations to Julien Hartley who took advantage of the withdrawal of Sam Piper. Julien was placed 12th after the seeding round. Commiserations to Tony Palmer, after his success of last week. Many thanks again to all those who refereed and especially to Diane Austin and Tonya Cheatham.

    Seeding after Poules

    1. Chris Hider 10. Antoine Ubaghs
    2. Vilya Harvey 11. Richard Hall
    3. Simon Pearson 12. Julien Hartley
    4. Tim Schofield 13. Daniel Brooks
    5. Phil Fenn 14. Simon Wood
    6. John Kidd 15. Tony Palmer
    7. Kirsty MacDonald 16. Niki Lewis
    8. S Jaya1ath 17. Richard Boddington
    9. Tim Harris 18. Eugene Palmer

    Result of last 32

    Eugene Palmer beat Tony Palmer (10-4) and

    Niki Lewis beat Richard Boddington (10-3).

    19th November: The direct elimination proved to be a success with Eugene Palmer nearly providing the major upset by only losing to Chris Hider by one point. Simon Wood had unfortunately to withdraw so Simon Pearson had a bye into the last 8. Sadly, Simon Pearson had had an argument with a tree over the weekend so was not at his best. Congratulations to all finalists, especially to Phil Fenn who won for the second year running. The Ladies Foil trophy was won by Kirsty Macdonald. John Kidd received a silver medal to add to his gold medal for the Intermediate Foil and Chris Hider and Vilya Harvey were joint bronze medalists. John will receive a bye into the Foil competition next year. Many thanks to all who volunteered to referee, Simon Pearson, Phil Fenn, Tim Schofield, S Jaya1ath and especially to Tim Ewing, who gave up most of an evening's fencing. We still owe you that beer.

    Result of last 16

    Result of last 8

    Result of semi-finals

    Result of final

    Final Positions:
    1. Phil Fenn 9. Tim Harris
    2. John Kidd 10. Antoine Ubaghs
    3. Chris Hider 11. Richard Hall
    3. Vilya Harvey 12. Julien Hartley
    5. Simon Pearson 13. Daniel Brooks
    6. Tim Schofield 14. Simon Wood
    7. Kirsty MacDonald 15. Niki Lewis
    8. S Jaya1ath 16. Eugene Palmer

    Club One Hit Epee

    10th December, 2004

    This was a very popular competition this year with 30 members entering, double last year's entry. Julie would like to thank the following people for their help: Tim Schofield, Simon Pearson, Neale Thomas and Tim Harris. Special thanks to Andy Reynolds for his expertise and to Ben Measures for the use of his pentathlete one hit epee computer programme. To be able to run the competition on one evening meant fencing over 5 pistes and extending the evening until 10.30. (Fortunately, perhaps, several fencers scratched and there was just enough time at the end of the competition for the customery visit to the pub!)

    First place was in contention by about 6 fencers for most of the evening and until the very last round it looked as if there would be a three way tie for first place, between Neale Thomas, Simon Pearson and Steve Pope but Steve dropped two fights in the final round, to leave the barrage between Neale Thomas and Simon Pearson. In the barrage, Neale and Simon treated each other with great respect with a careful, considered duel. Congratulations to Neale who got the winning hit.

    Congratulations also to Berna Duymaz who had never picked up an epee before but who was the highest placed lady.

    1. Neale Thomas -18 hits
    2, Simon Pearson - 18 hits
    3. Steve Pope - 16 hits
    4. Daniel, Brooks, Vilya Harvey, Tony Palmer, Tim Schofield - 13 hits
    8. Chris Schofield, Antoine Ubaghs - 12 hits
    10. Richard Bodington, Berna Duymaz, Richard Hall, Tim Harris - 11 hits
    14. Andrew McNeil - 10 hits
    15. Kirsty Macdonald - 9 hits
    16. S Jaya1ath, Tonya Lane - 8 hits
    18. Niki Lewis - 6 hits
    19. Nigel Holt - 5 hits
    20. Julie Schofield - 4 hits
    21. Tonya Cheatham, Jenna Hardy - 3 hits
    23. Rakash Gupta - 2 hits

    Club Intermediate Sabre

    28th January, 2005

    Interest in sabre is steadily increasing at the Club. I can recall just a few years ago when we struggled to get 5 fencers in the Club Sabre - on Friday there were 10 entries for the Intermediate Sabre alone, although, unfortunately, two members were caught up in traffic/work and had to withdraw. An increasing hazard of living in the crowded south-east I suppose.

    The Competition was fenced in two poules of 5 followed by a direct elimination from eight. The poules were fenced one after the other, allowing us to use the box with the new sabre timings. The Competition ran speedily and efficiently, thanks especially to SJ for his sterling work refereeing. Congratulations to Antoine Ubaghs as the winner. Congratulations to Kirsty Macdonald as the highest placed lady. Antoine beat Kirsty in the final. Congratulations to Vilya Harvey and Richard Hall who were joint third.

    The top 5 fencers after the round of poules were promoted to the Club Sabre next week.

    Thanks to all who helped.

    Results after the poules:

    1. Antoine Ubaghs 2.Richard Hall
    3. Kirsty Macdonald. 4. Tony Lane
    5. Vilya Harvey all promoted to Club Sabre
    6. Christopher Weeks 7. Katherine Croft
    8. James Frost

    Results of the Direct Elimination

    Quarter Finals

  • Antoine Ubaghs beat James Frost 10-5
  • Vilya Harvey beat Tony Lane 10-4
  • Kirsty Macdonald beat Chris Weeks 10-2
  • Richard Hall beat Katherine Croft 10-8
  • Semi Finals

  • Antoine beat Vilya 10-8
  • Kirsty beat Richard 10-4
  • Final

  • Antoine beat Kirsty 15-8
  • Final Placings

    Antoine Ubaghs
    Kirsty Macdonald
    Richard Hall
    Vilya Harvey
    Tony Lane
    Christopher Weeks
    Katherine Croft
    James Frost

    Club Sabre

    4th February, 2005

    Ten fencers competed for the Club Sabre which was run with two poules of 5 and a direct elimination from the last 8. Congratulations to Aaron Lewis for winning the new Sabre trophy. Special mention must be made of Antoine Ubaghs and Tonya Cheatham who competed despite arriving back from a long car journey from Belgium. Both of the semi finals and the final itself were well fought matches and good to watch.

    Standings after Poules

  • Aaron Lewis
  • Saman Jayalath
  • Christopher Schofield
  • Vilya Harvey
  • Daniel Brooks
  • Kirsty Macdonald
  • Antoine Ubaghs
  • Tonya Cheatham
  • Richard Hall
  • Tony Lane
  • Quarter Finals

  • Aaron beat Tonya - 10-7
  • Saman beat Antoine - 10-5
  • Daniel beat Vilya - 10-5
  • Chris beat Kirsty - 10-1
  • Semi Finals

  • Aaron beat Dnaiel - 10-8
  • Chris beat Saman - 10-7
  • Final

    Aaron beat Chris - 15-7

    Final Placings

    Aaron Lewis
    Chris Schofield
    Saman Jayalath
    Daniel Brooks
    Vilya Harvey
    Kirsty Macdonald
    Antoine Ubaghs
    Tonya Cheatham
    Tony Lane
    Richard Hall

    Club Intermediate Epee

    11th February, 2005

    11 fencers took part. Two poules of 5 and 6 fencers meant the direct elimination started late and it was not possible to finish in one evening.

    Ranking after poules

  • 1. John Kidd
  • 2. Antoine Ubaghs
  • 3. Nicholas Mackey
  • 4. Christopher Elson
  • 5. Jenna Hardy
  • 6. Berna Duymaz
  • 7. Tony Palmer
  • 8. Richard Hall
  • 9. Chris Weeks
  • 10. Julie Schofield
  • 11. Alice Merry
  • The top five qualify for the Club Epee on the 25th February

    Incomplete l16
  • John Kidd - bye
  • Chris Weeks beat Richard Hall 10-5
  • Jenna Hardy - bye
  • Chris Elson - bye
  • Nicholas Mackey - bye
  • Alice Merry beat Berna Duymaz 10-8
  • Tony Palmer beat Julie Schofield 10-0
  • Antoine Ubaghs - bye
  • Quarter Finals
  • John Kidd beat Chris Weeks 10-4
  • Chris Elson beat Jenna Hardy 10-4
  • Nicholas Mackey beat Alice Merry
  • Tony Palmer beat Antoine 10-8
  • The semi finals and final were delayed until the following week. Unfortunately, neither John Kidd or Tony Palmer were able to take part. The final was therefore fought between Chris Elson and Nicholas Mackey Final
  • Chris Elson beat Nicholas Mackey 15-14
  • The final was very exciting with Chris winning with only two seconds to go.

    Final rankings for the Intermediate Epee:
  • Chris Elson = Winner
  • Nicholas Mackey = Runner Up
  • John Kidd = Joint Third
  • Tony Palmer = Joint Third
  • 5. Antoine Ubaghs
  • 6. Jenna Hardy
  • 7. Chris Weeks
  • 8. Alice Merry
  • 9. Berna Duymaz
  • 10. Richard Hall
  • 11. Julie Schofield
  • Club Epee

    25th February

    With a final entry of 15, the Club Epee amazingly, this is epee after all, finished in one evening! Steve Pope fought past previous winners, Simon Pearson and Tim Schofield to reach the final against Andrew McNeil. Here Andrew stopped Steve's run winning the final 15-11. Congratulations Andrew! Three poules of 5.

    Results after poules:

  • 1. John Kidd
  • 2. Tim Schofield
  • 3. Simon Pearson
  • 4. Vilya Harvey
  • 5. Andrew McNeil
  • 6. Steve Pope
  • 7. Gareth Thomas
  • 8. Tony Palmer
  • 9. Conrad Cotton-Barrett
  • 10. Nicholas Mackey
  • 11. Kirsty Macdonald
  • 12. Jenna Hardy
  • 13. Antoine Ubaghs
  • 14. Chris Elson
  • 15. Berna Duymaz
  • Last 16

  • John Kidd - bye
  • Conrad Cotton-Barrett beat Tony Palmer - 10-8
  • Andrew McNeil beat Jenna Hardy - 10-1
  • Vilya Harvey beat Antoine Ubaghs - 10-5
  • Simon Pearson beat Chris Elson - 10-7
  • Steve Pope beat Kirsty Macdonald - 10-4
  • Gareth Thomas beat Nicholas Mackey - 9-6
  • Tim Schofield beat Berna Duymaz - 10-2
  • Quarter Finals

  • Conrad Cotton-Barrett beat John Kidd - 10-8
  • Andrew McNeil beat Vilya Harvey - 10-9
  • Simon Pearson beat Chris Elson - 10-4
  • Steve Pope beat Simon Pearson - 10-7
  • Semi Finals

  • Andrew McNeil beat Conrad Cotton-Barrett - 10-9
  • Steve Pope beat Tim Schofield - 10-7
  • Final

  • Andrew McNeil beat Steve Pope - 15-11
  • Final Placings

  • 1. Andrew McNeil
  • 2. Steve Pope
  • 3. Conrad Cotton-Barrett
  • 3. Tim Schofield
  • 5. John Kidd
  • 6. Simon Pearson
  • 7. Vilya Harvey
  • 8. Gareth Thomas
  • 9. Tony Palmer
  • 10. Nicholas Mackey
  • 11. Kirsty Macdonald
  • 12. Jenna Hardy
  • 13. Antoine Ubaghs
  • 14. Chris Elson
  • 15. Berna Duymaz
  • Novice Foil (Mixed)

    29th April for two weeks

    A select field of ten novices - the semi finals and final were held on the 6th May. Congratulations to Gaurav who beat Vilya in a very close final.

    last sixteen

    Vilya Harvey, Andrew McNeil, Gaurav Gupta, Antoine Ubaghs, Rakash Gupta and Colin Towers received a bye into the l8

  • Christopher Weeks beat Milke Alder
  • Andy Warminski beat Katherine Croft 10-4
  • Quarter-Finals

  • Vilya Harvey beat Andy Warminski 10-6
  • Christopher Weeks beat Andrew McNeil 10-5
  • Gaurav Gupta beat Clin Towers 10-4
  • Rakash Gupta beat Antoine Ubaghs 10-9
  • Semi-Finals

  • Vilya Harvey beat Rakash Gupta 10-1
  • Gaurav Gupta beat Christopher Weeks 10-8
  • Final

  • Gaurav Gupta bat Vilya Harvey 15-14
  • Club Handicap Foil - Mixed

    27th May for three weeks

    Seventeen fencers fenced in three poules. Most results were close to handicap but Gaurav Gupta exceeded his handicap by some margin, even though his handicap had been cut due to his success in the Novice Foil. Twelve fencers were promoted to Round Two which will take place on June 4th. Full results can be found by clicking on the links below.

    Results of Round One

  • Result of Poule One
  • Result of Poule Two
  • Result of Poule Three
  • Fencers promoted to Round Two

    Gaurav Gupta continued to excel as did Tim Schofield and Alex Soar. Dan Houghasm was unlucky to miss out on a place in the final round whilst Sam Piper just pipped Richard Hall to the final round
  • Please click here
  • Results of Round Two

  • Result of Poule One
  • Result of Poule Two
  • Fencers Results

    The final saw Gaurav Gupta gain a close victory over Tim Schofield, Tim also losing to Alex. Gaurav won all his matches except for his fight against Alex Soar. Alex proved the star of the tournament, winning all his matches and coming out a worthy winner. Congratulations. We would like to thank Simon Pearson for refereeing the final (and one of the semi finals last week) and for providing the software to run the Handicap.

    Picture of the finalists

  • Result of Poule
  • Final Placings

  • Alex Soar
  • Gaurav Gupta
  • Tim Schofield
  • Rakash Gupta
  • Tony Palmer
  • Sam Piper

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