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Guildford Fencing Club Results 1995-1998

Club Competition results for 1997/98 Season

Club Competition results for 1996/97 Season

Club Competition results for 1995/96 Season

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Club Competitions


Results for 1997/98 Season

Competition First Second Third
One-Hit Epée Ben Newling Simon Pearson Paul Enticknap, Ted Lacey, Jon Woodrow
Foil Ben Newling Margaret Schofield* Simon Pearson
(highest placed lady) Margaret Schofield    
Sabre Derek Groves Derick Bowler Ted Lacey
Epée Phil Fenn Ben Newling Kostya Onyshihenko
Handicap Foil Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence Les Smith Chris Schofield
Junior Foil Chloe Twydell Chris Schofield Simon Rowlings

Detailed results follow...

Club Epee 20 March 1998

                  Wins Place
Kostya   2 V V 2 3 V V 4 3
Ben V   V V V V 3 2 5 2*
Simon 2 3   V V 2 V 2 3 7
Lawrence 3 1 1   4 4 1 3 0 8
Derick V 1 0 V   3 V V 4 4
Phil V 4 V V V   V 2 5 1*
Paul 2 V 4 V 4 4   V 3 6
Tim 3 4 V V 3 V 2   3 5

*First place was decided by a barrage, in which Phil beat Ben in a particularly exciting finish, in the last minute of fencing time, by 5 hits to 4.

Club 1-hit Épée 10 October 1997

                    Wins Place
Richard   V V V V D D D D 4 3=
Ted Lacey D   V V D V V D D 4 3=
Martin Cohen D D   V D D V V V 4 7
Meg Schofield D D D   V D V D D 2 8=
Jon Woodrow D V V D   D V D V 4 3=
Paul Enticknap V D V V D   D V D 4 3=
Derick Bowler V D D D D V   D D 2 8=
Ben Newling V V D V V D V   D 5 1
Simon Pearson D D D V D V V V   4 2

Best All-Rounder

Position Name Points
1= Derick Bowler 13
1= Ben Newling 13
3 Simon Pearson 10
4= Phil Fenn 7
4= Derek Groves 7
6 Meg Schofield 6
7= Ted Lacey 5
7= Kostya Onyshihenko 5
9 Nick Rose 4
10= Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence 3
10= Tim Schofield 3
10= Andy Stent 3

Results for 1996/97 Season

  First Second Third
Epee Simon Pearson Tim Schofield Colin Sigrist
Novice Foil Georgina Torbet Gordon Smith Christopher Schofield
Sabre Ben Newling Derek Groves Simon Pearson
1-hit Épée Ben Newling Arthur Major Tim Schofield
Mens Foil Tim Schofield Simon Pearson Ted Lacey
(highest placed lady) Margaret Schofield Georgina Torbet  

Results for 1995/96 Season

  First Second Third
Epée Tim Schofield Paul Enticknap Andrea de Bunsen
Foil Simon Pearson Tim Schofield Ted Lacey
(highest placed lady) Margaret Schofield    
Sabre Ted Lacey Derick Bowler Derek Groves
1-hit Épée Paul Enticknap Arthur Major Martin Cohen
Novice Foil Tim Ewin James Taylor Sebastian Widman
Junior Foil Guy Davis Thomas Kelley Sebastian Widman

Club Matches

Vs Wimbledon, May 1998

This was a match where the next generation started to threaten the longer established fencers. David Rises of Wimbledon won two fights of three in the foil competition, loosing only to Simon Pearson in a hard-fought bout, while Meg Schofield of Guildford reciprocated with two wins of three in the Épée competition.

The foil was won by Wimbledon, by 6 bouts to 3.
The Épée was won by Guildford, by 5 bouts to 4.

The match secreatary tells me the result is therefore a draw.

GFC vs Reading, 17th March

This was a novice foil match, fenced at home. Unfortunately the visitors won.

GFC Juniors vs. Cranleigh Junior School

This match was fenced away on 28th February. Many thanks to Cranleigh for hosting the event. There were four teams of 3 fencers.

Electric foil: GFC won
Steam foil: result drawn.

Surrey Epée, 1 February 1998

Guildford achieved 2nd place in the Surrey team competition, whic was run as a knockout competition this year owing to a shortage of time. The team beat Wimbledon B and Streatham but then lost to their old rivals Wimbledon A. The team was Simon Pearson, Tim Schofield and Martin Cohen.

Barwell Cup

GFC entered the Barwell Cup for 16th November 1997. This is an annual four-weapon team competition against other clubs in Surrey.

Weapon GFC Entrant Position
Mens Foil Ben Newling 2nd
Ladies Foil Margaret Schofield 1st
Epée Simon Pearson 3rd
Sabre Derek Groves  
  Overall 2nd

GFC vs Wimbledon, November 1997

Unfortunately Wimbledon won this rather heavily at all the weapons contested: two Junior Foil teams, epée, foil and sabre.

GFC versus Spectrum Fencing Club

This match was held at Guildford Spectrum on 28th October 1997.

Summary: Guildford won by 9 bouts to 7 in the Épée and by 9 bouts to nil in the foil.


Ted Lacey         1 3 3 V
Ben Newling         V D5 4 V
Paul Enticknap         V V 2 V
Simon Pearson         V 0 V V
Paul V 0 2 1        
Ben V V 4 V        
Ed V V V 2        
Tamsin 1 2 3 3        


Foil was fought best of 7 hits as time was short - the Épée had overrun somewhat!

Meg Schofield       V V V
Derick Bowler       V V V
Simon Pearson       V V V
Becky 3 0 1      
Rob 1 1 2      
Mark 1 0 3      

Guildford International Quadrangular Competition

See separate description

Individual Results

Club members who have recorded individual results this year are: Ben Newling, Derek Groves, Chloe Twydell, Christopher Schofield, Margaret Schofield, Timothy Schofield, Kostya Onyshihenko, Simon Pearson.

Ben Newling

Surrey Sabre, 23 Feb 1997 3rd

Sadly, Ben has had to retire from Guildford as his job is taking him away from Guildford. We wish him luck in his new job!

Derek Groves

Surrey Challenge: Sabre Team (representing Surrey), 2 February 1997 Team 1st
Surrey Sabre, 23 Feb Last 8
(1 hit off last 4!)

Chloe Twydell

Surrey Age Group Foil, U12, 8th November 1998 1st

Christopher Schofield

Eton Leon Paul Series, U11 boys, 26th April 1998 15th
Surrey Age Group Foil, U12, 8th November 1998 5th

Margaret Schofield

Supported by Guildford Boroug Council and by the Sports Aid foundation

Norfolk Open Foil, 19 July 1997 6th
Norfolk Open Epée, 20 July 10th
Essex Open Epée, 20 July 38th
Ashton Open Epée, 4th October 5th
Ashton Open Foil, 5th October  
Leicester Open Foil, 18th October  
Leicester Open Epée, 19th October 14th
Leon Paul Series Cyrano, U15 Girls Foil, 25th October 2nd
Leon Paul Series 1997, U15 Girls Foil =1st Overall
U20 Womens Epée Championships 20th
Welsh Open Foil, 8th November Last 64
Welsh Open Epée, 9th November Last 64
Tyneside Open Foil, 29th November Last 16
Tyneside Open Epée, 30th November Last 16
Hereford and Worcester Open Foil, 6th December Last 16
Hereford and Worcester Open Epée, 7th December 9th
Cadet Winton (representing SE England) ladies' foil team, 20th December 1997 Team 1st (SE England 2nd overall)
British cadet foil, 10th January 1998 9th
British junior foil, 11th January 1998 10th
SE England ladies Épée, 18th January 1998 5th
Koblenz cadet Épée, 7th February 1998 75th
Haverstock Leon Paul Series, U17 Épée 1st
Clara Rayner open Épée, 8 March 1998 12th
Birmingham International Épée, 12th April 1998 Last 32
Ipswich International Epée (A-grade), 25 April 1998 77th
British women's foil championships, Aldershot 3 May 1998 17th
British women's Épée championships, Hendon 16 May 1998 10th
Isle Of Wight Open Epée, 17 May 1998 5th
Excalibur inter-county competition, May 1998, in Surrey team Team 1st
Redhill One-Hit Epée (Cauchard Cup), 21 June 1998 3rd (ladies, after barrage), 16th (mixed)
Surrey Ladies Foil, 7 June 1998 2nd
Recklinghaused Cadet Foil, July 1998 Last 64
Jesus College Open-Air Epée, 5 July 1998 (Mixed) Last 64
Norfolk Open Women's Epée, 19th July 1998 15th
Essex Open Epée, 5th September 1998 14th
Bristol Open Epée, 19th September 1998 9th
Shropshire Open Epée, 26th September 1998 3rd
Leicester Open Epée 33rd
Heidenheim Cadet Epée, 31st October 1998 64th
Cadet (U17) Womens Epée Championships, 24th October 1998 6th
Junior (U20) Womens Epée Championships, 25th October 1998 10th
Welsh Open Womens Epée, 15th November 1998 9th (highest-placed cadet)
Bonn Cadet Epée, 7th February 1999 top 24
Cadet Winton (representing SE England) ladies' foil team, December 1998 Team 1st (SE England 2nd overall)

Timothy Schofield

Isle Of Wight Open Epée, 17 May 1998 23rd
Redhill One-Hit Epée (Cauchard Cup), 21 June 1998 11th (mens), 12th (mixed)
Jesus College Open-Air Epée, 5 July 1998 (Mixed) 10th
Norfolk Open Epée, 19th July 1998 8th
Essex Open Epée, 5th September 1998 unplaced

Kostya Onyshihenko

Redhill One-Hit Epée (Cauchard Cup), 21 June 1998 4th
Hereford and Worcester Open Epée, 5 December 1998 13th

Simon Pearson

Norfolk Open Foil 1997 9th
Norfolk Open Epée 16th
Essex Open Epée Last 64
Surrey Épée, 1st February 1998 13th
Isle Of Wight Open Foil, 16th May 1998 23rd
Isle Of Wight Open Epée, 17th May 1998 5th
Surrey Mens Foil, 7 June 1998 7th
Norfolk Open Foil, 19th July 1998 27th
Norfolk Open Epee, 19th July 1998 32nd

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